The Evil Inside

This page will be dedicated to DarkForest: The Evil Inside. At the moment you'll only find some ingame screenshots. We've chosen to use ingame screenshots, because we are too lazy to create awesome art for the game which wouldn't resemble the graphics in the game. 

Mail dude out for revenge!
Creating your own character
Update your character's skills
Smooth movement!
Background music! 
Easter eggs!
Lots of fun and adventures
A custom cursor!
And it's portable!!

Make sure you have Java installed on the computer. (Check it by executing "java -version" in your command prompt - without the quotes) Download the game files here. Extract to any folder (on your hard disc or your portable storage device). Simply open the darkforest directory and run Run.bat. That's all! Enjoy!

In time there will be more content on this website, like documentation, website kits (to create your own website DarkForest style!), more screenshots, informations about the game and much more!

Check out the very first screenshots (click to enlarge) on this site now:  

This is the starting screen. You can create a new character, or load an existing one. When you played the game before, and saved your character, the preview is an actual preview of how your character looks ingame!

This is what the game looks like when you play it. You can choose to play the game in full screen or windowed. The resolution by default is set to 640x480. In the left upper corner, you can see a minimap, which contains you, the map you're on and monsters in that map. In the right upper corner there's your inventory with the item you can use. Your skills are visible in the left bottom corner. Beneath your skills, you see your health (red), mana (blue) and your experiencebar (white, get it to max and reach the next level!).

This shows the character running sideways. The character will turn any way you run! Some sprites in the game are animated, like the character, water and torches! All the houses on the map are visitable, inside you'll find armor dealers, weapon dealers and storytellers. 

This screenshot is showing me and my fake little pal I created with a Helm, a SmileyMask, an Armor, two bottles of Mana Potion, one Axe and a Glowing Sword. Looks real, doesn't he? :)

Don't like the way your screen gets filled up by smaller windows? Don't worry! They're resizable, movable and closable!!

That's it for now! Can't wait to play it? Download the game below now!