Q: Is this a stepping stone program?
A: No.  Although the program has proven to be a great training ground, it was designed to meet the long term needs for socialization and support that is often lacking.  We are ideally looking for candidates who are interested in long-term placement.

Q: Do they have to move out at a certain age?
A:  No.  The 22-39 year old age range is the program's current entrance age requirement.  As the group grows in age we will keep the 22 minimum age requirement while expanding the upper age requirement.  Again, the program was designed for long-term residential living.

Q: Am I eligible?  What is the application process and how do I get on the waiting list?
A: In order to be considered for eligibility you must be between 22-39 years of age, have a job (or in between jobs), have good social skills, great work and personal references, and must be capable of living independently which includes dressing, feeding, bathing and self-medicating. 
The first step in the application process involves downloading and completing our Application and Level of Independence Assessment. Both forms can be downloaded from this web-site by clicking on the "Application" tab above.  After we receive the completed forms we will schedule a site visit to determine eligibility and placment on the waiting list.  If you have further questions you can send inquires to webb.chris@path2ind.org.

Q: Who formed PTI and why?
A: PTI was formed by parents of a high-functioning young adult with developmental disabilities in response to the desparate need for quality apartment style living and support services in a community environment that encourages independent living, yet is safe and affordable for the young adult and their family long term. 

Q: Is there a waiting list and how long should we expect to wait?
A: Yes, there is a waiting list.  We would encourage parents and others to begin researching residential living options when the young adults are between the age of 18-22.  

Q: How is this funded and how do we pay for the program?
A: The program is funded on a "private pay" basis and was designed for the young adult to be able to afford most, if not all of the fee from their monthly working wages and Social Security benefits.  The current monthly fee covers a one-bedroom apartment, all utilities including wireless internet service, two meals/day served in the Stow Glen dining hall, support services provided by PTI staff including help and transportation to weekly grocery shopping and occasional area shopping.  In addition, PTI staff plan and organize social activities on and off-site for PTI residents.  Young adults with waivers are welcome, however, the waiver will not cover the cost of the program.  For more information about the monthly fee please contact us at webb.chris@path2ind.org.