Candidate Statement

Forty years—in Champaign County, city of Champaign district 6, same street, and same house. Pattsi, an urban planner, has worked toward creating a great place to live, raised a family, and completed two advanced degrees at the university. For details visit her web site.


Pattsi’s campaign issue is sustainability for Champaign County. She will work toward economic sustainability through fiscal efficiency, economic development, making use of loans for small businesses as one means, and stabilization of county taxes. Next she will work toward environmental sustainability engaging the recently passed Land Resource Management Plan (LRMP) that includes preservation and conservation of farm land, support for the highest and best use of non-farm land, protection of water quality and quantity, creation of trails for hiking and biking, and conservation of energy resources. And last she will work toward social sustainability through access to health care, production of local foods, provision of housing to meet county population needs, and diversified jury selection.


Community planning in the district, city, and county is at a pivotal point. The growth and sprawl in both cities affects the county. The residents of the county put in a great deal of time, thought, and effort during the one-year BigSmallAll process and the development of the LRMP. The momentum is significant and not to be diminished. Concerns about sustainability—economic, environmental, and social—has become part of the daily conversation.


These past experiences, urban planning knowledge, and working toward a sustainable county are the reasons Pattsi deserves your vote for the County Board.


Pattsi is open to your concerns, questions, and new ideas for the community.  And as she goes door-to-door here in Champaign, she’d also appreciate your help!  Please send her an email to  You can also read more about Pattsi at her website: