County Board Chair


Upcoming conversations throughout the county:

14 February 2015, 10:00 to 11:30 at the Mahomet community center 510 E main st Mahomet, IL, Gary Maxwell and John Jay, CB district 1 members are sponsoring a "meet and greet" with the CB chair to share thoughts about county issues.
The center is just west of Township Office and East of Fire House "Big parking lot". All are welcome! 

21 February 2015, 8 A, Republic breakfast held at the Red Wheel, located at Broadmeadow and Murry Rd., in Rantoul. This is CB district 2, represented by Jack Anderson and Diane Michaels.

Sometime in early March, there will be a town hall in CB district 4, represented by Jon Schroeder and Jim McGuire.

  • Pattsi introduced a resolution, passed by the board, that established the Champaign County Local Food Policy Council. A campaign issue is sustainability--economic, environment, and social/equity. This council focuses on all three resulting in economic development.
  • She will continue to engage and listen to District 6 constituents through the Town Hall meetings and meeting with them individually. She has held 7 town halls to date. Now she is holding town halls throughout the county--details above.
  • She continues to work at maintaining the Champaign County Nursing Home as a viable safety net for the elderly. 
  • Introduced the concept of participatory budgeting into the 2014 county budget process.
  • Collaborated with county board colleagues to put $200,000 in 2014 county budget to begin implementing community justice programs recommended by jail consultant.
  • Continued working with the John Street Watershed flooding mitigation via university engineering classes to measure effectiveness of solutions and fall 2014 two classes--NRES and Design America.
  • More stormwater management work with the citizens in the NW area of the district where there is severe flooding in what is referred to as the west Washington area.
  • Continue to collaborate with county colleagues to implement energy efficiency plans for county properties.
  • Local foods--the developing project in Rantoul to use land at the former Chanute AF Base to grow local foods along with using empty building as a food hub--economic development.
  • Working with the Champaign County Farm Bureau Land Use Committee to develop an economic model that will determine the revenue contribution of agriculture, not just commodities, but all of the support systems.
  • Without sufficient water for irrigation agriculture can not exist, so a small group is collaborating to look at the water needs of the county in the next 50 years.
  • Make use of her professional training as an urban planner to work for the best interests of Champaign County citizens.
  • Recently inducted as a fellow of the American Institute of Certified planners.
  • Re-elect Pattsi Petrie to the county board who will continue to work toward a sustainable county—economically, environmentally, and socially.
  • Capture Pattsi’s years of living in the same county, same city, same street, same block, same house for over three decades, giving her an historical perspective and knowledge of the community.
  • Taught urban and regional planning courses UIUC Department of Urban and Regional Planning.
  • Put to work Pattsi Petrie’s years of working toward creating a livable community through her volunteerism as:
    • Member of the Champaign Phinney Branch Flood Task Force.
    • Presently on the John St. water shed neighborhood steering committee working toward “green solutions” to mitigate storm water flooding. See subpage at the bottom to view two videos about this project plus a presentation given at a national conference.
    • Facilitator for the Champaign County BigSmallAll 18-month visioning process.
    • Facilitator for 11 charrettes—a form of community planning that works toward the benefit of all community members.
    • One of five founders of the Preservation and Conservation Association (PACA) and was the author of the by-laws.
    • Member of the Champaign Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Task Force.
    • Member of the Champaign Center City Committee. Developed a master plan for redevelopment along the Boneyard.
    • Member of the city of Champaign Environmental Advisory Commission, chair of Shade Tree subcommission.
    • Member of UIUC Environment Advisory Committee.
    • Champaign County Nursing Home-worked toward stabilizing the finances and keeping the home within the county.
    • Educator through her television program, Community Planning Conversations, on channel 6.
    • Creator of educational programs for “citizen planners.”
    • Democratic committee person
    • President Little League
    • Champaign County Farm Bureau, Land Use Committee and Legislative Committee
    • Champaign County Health Care Consumers evolved from a UIUC Public Participation class
Planting rain garden John Street watershed
Pattsi Petrie,
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