OzViz 2009

Thank you to all the presenters and participants who made OzViz 2009 a success!

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OzViz 2009 Call for Registration

We cordially invite you to participate in Ozviz 2009 which will be held on the 3rd and 4th of December 2009 and will be hosted by the Monash e-Research Centre at Monash University, Clayton, Victoria.

The workshop will feature 22 presentations by researchers from the earth sciences, the life sciences, astronomy, neuroimaging, urban modelling, mathematics and computer science. A range of techniques and technologies will be presented, including biological visualisation, volum e renderin g, 3D reconstruction, image processing, scene reconstruction, GPU rendering, animation and immersive visualisation.

The workshop is free to everyone who registers. There will be a workshop dinner organised on the 3rd which we encourage you to attend. The cost of dinner will be approximately $40.

We are pleased to announce the keynote speaker will be Professor Rob Lewis, foundation chair of X-ray and Synchrotron Physics at Monash University and the Director of the Monash Centre for Synchrotron Science. We expect synchrotron science to be a major driver of imaging and visualisation in the Clayton district and across Australia, and we are privileged to have Professor Lewis present his vision.

There will be a joint session on 3D bioimaging in conjunction with the Live Cell Imaging Workshop (LCI09) organised by Monash Micro Imaging. This session, held on the 4th of December, will feature a keynote presentation by Dr Marius Messerli, CEO of Bitplane which develops the Imaris toolbox widely used for microscopy visualisation, and other speakers who utilise 3D visualisation and analysis.

We have organised a tour of The Australian Synchrotron on Friday the 4th. Please note that places for this tour are limited so please register promptly if you are interested in attending.

A full schedule will be made available on the website:

To register please email ozviz2009@adm.monash.edu.au before 27/11 with the following information.
We require everyone to register to catering purposes.

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Dinner: [Yes/No]
Synchrotron tour: [Yes/No]

OzViz 2009 is supported by Xenon - http://www.xenon.com.au/

Workshop location and Campus Map

Thursday 3rd Morning and Afternoon - Lecture theater R6, Rotunda, Clayton Campus
Friday 4th Morning - Lecture theater S4, Building 25, Clayton Campus
Friday 4th Afternoon - Lecture theater R6, Rotunda, Clayton Campus

Clayton Map with OzViz locations marked

Morning and Afternoon - Rotunda R6 - Clayton Campus, Monash University (map)

8:50 Registration

9:30 Professor Paul Bonnington Monash University Welcome   
9:45 Professor Rob Lewis Monash University Keynote
Multi-dimensional Medical Imaging: Computation and Visualisation Challenges

10:40 Morning tea


11:00 Sherry Mayo, Tim Gureyev CSIRO X-ray micro-tomography data and image processing at CSIRO  
11:30 Richard Beare Monash University and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute  Blood flow investigations using magnetic resonance imaging  
12:00 Martin Lackmann
Monash University
Development of Virtual Microscopy and Image Analysis Platforms using Scientific Workflows  

12:30 Lunch



Bernard Meade
University of Melbourne
Optiportal developments at The University of Melbourne 
1:40 Tomasz Bednarz, Con Caris and Jeremy Thompson.  CSIRO Exploration of Mining, QCAT Non-invasive, simultaneous temperature and velocity measurements using liquid crystal slurry - visualization and image processing methods in convective flows using combined PIT and PIV techniques  
2:10 Volker Kuchelmeister UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research Universal capture through stereographic multi-perspective recording and scene reconstruction  
2:40 Paul Bourke UWA Digital Fulldome as an Immersive Environment: Projects during 2009  

Afternoon tea


3:30 Stuart Ramsden, Vanessa Robins, Stephen Hyde ANU Data Mining Geometric Periodic Structures with EPINET  
4:00 Amr Hassan, Christopher Fluke and David Barnes Swinburne University GPU-Based Volume Rendering of Noisy Multi-Spectral Astronomical Data  
4:30 Jeremy Yuille, Hugh Macdonald, Reuben Stanton and Stephen Viller Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID) and RMIT University The Social Life of Visualization  
5:00 Philip Greenwood, Jesse Sago and Vivi Chau ASPECT Studios Pty Ltd – Digital Studio Using game engines for real time 3D visualisation in planning and infrastructure  

6:30 Workshop Dinner
Monash Club



Morning - Building 24 S4 - Clayton Campus, Monash University (map)

  3D Bioimaging
Shared session with MMI Live Cell Imaging

9:00 Marius Messerli Bitplane Keynote
Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Live Cell Behavior with Imaris
9:50 Ajay Limaye ANU Drishti - A volume exploration and presentation tool  
10:20 Kieran Short Monash University Imaging and analysis of epithelial branching in developing mouse organs.  

10:50 Morning tea


11:00 Derek Gerstmann UWA Visualisation for BioImaging and Nanotechnology at the CMCA
11:30 Rob Bryson-Richardson Monash University Visualising Embryonic Development  
12:00 Ajay Limaye

New ways of exploration and presentation in Drishti  

12:30 Lunch


Afternoon  Rotunda R6 - Clayton Campus, Monash University (map)

1:00 Margarete Jadamec, Oliver Kreylos, Magali Billen, Louise Kellogg, Louis Moresi, Steve Quenette, Megan Hough, John Mansour and Owen Kaluza Monash University Three-dimensional visualisation in Geodynamics: Techniques for data interactivity and exploration  
1:30Owen L Kaluza, Louis Moresi, Dave R Stegman, Wendy G Mason, Margarete Jadamec and Steve QuenetteMonash UniversityExploring the Underworld with gLucifer: Real-time and Interactive Visualisation for Geodynamic Simulations 
2:00David Warne, Joe Young and Ben CummingQueensland University of TechnologyVisualisation of Groundwater Flow using Texture Based Visualisation Techniques 
 2:30     Sam Yang  
CSIRO Material Science & EngineeringData-constrained microstructure modelling of aerospace primer 
3:00 Closing Discussion and Afternoon tea


4:00 Synchrotron tour


Wojtek James Goscinski,
Nov 28, 2009, 11:28 PM