OzViz 2008

Date and Time

The workshop will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December 2008. Registration will be at 9:30am on the first day, the workshop will start at 10am. We will resume at 9:30am on the second day.


The ANU Supercomputer Facility is hosting OzViz 2008. The workshop will be held in the new John Curtin School of Medical Research building. Here it is on google maps.


The workshop is free. There will be an optional dinner on the first night, we plan to book tables at a reasonably priced restaurant and negotiate a fixed price. People will be expected to turn up with the correct amount of cash to pay for their meal (price to be announced). You must indicate your intention to attend the dinner on the registration form.


We encourage all attendees who are willing to give a talk. The format will be similar to previous workshops, i.e. presentations will be short, between 15-30 minutes with the exact figure depending on the number of speakers. Works in progress, visualization breakdowns, student projects and Nobel prize worthy research breakthroughs are all suitable topics. Submit your talk when you register, or notify Drew Whitehouse at a later date.

The schedule is now available.


People should book book their own accommodation. The restaurant we have in mind is near ANU so we would encourage people to find accommodation near the city so as to minimise travel. We're also collecting accomodation tips from other members.


Even though the workshop is free we require participants to register. Please fill out the registration form.