Don't Panic!

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Marvin Rodent Icon Theme

Marvin Tango Icon Theme

Ozroc's Don't Panic! Fvwm theme


  • Several color themes and 4 theme styles:
    • Plain
    • Gradient
    • Transparent
    • Mix
  • Color theme integration with GTK via Gtk DontPanic Theme.
  • Advanced panel:
    • Taskbar
    • Dinamic icons on mouseover
    • Right mouse menus assigned to each button
  • "Kuake-Style" terminal (vía F12)
    • 4 virtual desktops pager
    • Time & Battery Monitors:
      • Calendar
      • Battery script (acpi)
  • Optional screenshots for iconified windows
  • Glitter Special Effect (just for fun)

Interesting Things

  • Simple configuraton file for end-user: user_conf
    • In future versions there will be a menu/dialog for some configurations
  • Shutdown/Reboot/Suspend via gdm
  • Used Debian Menus
  • Emacs-Like Keybindings.
    • Try "Ctrl-Alt-F+F1" for help or open .fvwm/help

Latest Screenshot:

Gtk Theme with various Fvwm ColorStyles:

Marvin Based Icon Theme! Icons in 64x64 and MiniIcons in 32x32.

Three real icons (from MarvinTango theme):

Here's an example:

A more beautifull ColorScheme, Fvwm with gradients and colors choosed with Agave:

Now, a GTK theme fitting Fvwm's Colors

Now, not only a "KuakeStyle" Terminal but a full "Kuake Style" System tools center with top, a terminal and a file manager.

Green Transparent Theme, with acpi and calendar tools and "Kuake Style" Terminal

Older Screenshots: