Don't Panic FVWM theme for Asus Eee

Specially designed for Asus Eee 


 You'll need xclock, stalonetray, menu, Fvwm, Esetroot, and optionally gtk-theme-switch for integration with gtk applications.

Just uncompress in your home (/home/user/), edit /usr/bin/ (see and have fun!.

Some comments:

  • Home Key is used for fullscreen window. I found it much more usefull.
  •  Thumbnails for iconified windows.
  • Kuake terminal with F12 and Kuakeization of any window with F11
  • 2x2 Desktop size.

 For end-user configuration, edit user_conf in configs.

"Menu"            -> Opens Desktop menu
"Home Key"        -> Fullscreen
"ALT+TAB"        -> Circulate WindowList
"ALT+Menu"        -> Show Desktop

"Ctrl+Alt+F+..."    -> Emacs-like Keybinding (ELK+...)

"ELK+ F1"        -> Shows this Help Message
"ELK+ 1"        -> Rearrange one Column
"ELK+ 2"        -> Rearrange two Columns
"ELK+ 3"        -> Rearrange Tile
"ELK+ 4"        -> Rearrange Cascade
"ELK+ Q"        -> Fullscreen
"ELK+ A"        -> Maximize
"ELK+ Z"        -> Iconify
"ELK+ Space"        -> Toggle Iconified/Uniconified
"ELK+ T"        -> Terminal Emulator
"ELK+ W"        -> Web Browser
"ELK+ D"        -> File Manager
"ELK+ E"        -> Editor
"ELK+ R"        -> Run Command