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if you have read the google blog da vinci code quest site you would have found out that it said"if you really want a mental workout, try solving the Chess Challenges by looking only at the board, without using the multiple choices to help you. The training you get may very well prove helpful should you turn out to be one of the elite few who reach the Final Challenge." 

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There's different prizes for different country. If you know what the prizes are, send them to: ozphilc@gmail.com

 In Australia its a Sony Vaio laptop, Sony DV handycam (videocamera), and a Sony 6 Megapixel T Series Cyber-Shot Digital Camera for 1st. ten second prize wiinners get a Sony Ericsson mobile phone - W810i , and 30 3rd prize winners get "Da Vinci Code" merchandise travel packs. Each pack is valued at $160 and includes:
metal luggage lock
leather travel wallet
mini metal notepad
mini travel torch set
disposable camera
globe puzzle
DVC book
+ plus 25 4th get the ps2 game.


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Leonardo Da Vinci

-Leonardo was an inventor, scientist, engineer, architect, and designer.

Some of his inventions can be found here.

 - He only completed 31 fully finished works (paintings).

-He believes you couldn't properly draw human figure unless you really understood how it works. Therefore, he went to cut up dead bodies to find out.

-He's notes are nearly all back to front and inside out.

-His notebooks contain wll sort of things from really complicated notes about canals and geometry to...

 Tuesday: bread meat wine fruit minestrone salad.


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 Day 1

Symbol Challenge 1-Blade


Day 2

Restoration Challenge 1- Greek Cross

Day 3

 Observation Challenge 1-

1) Fleur-de-lis

2) Vitruvian Man

3) 5  

Day 4

Curator Challenge 1- Chalice

Day 5

Chess Challenge 1- 

1) cilice

2) sénéchaux

3)  keystone


 Day 6

Geography Challenge 1-New York. (Don't worry about the words at the bottom). Here's an image.


Day 7 

Symbol Challenge 2-there are a lot of different questions, so the best way is to use google.

here are just 2 answers.  

pi percent of speed of sound at sea level = 23.9140248 miles per hour

165 331 US cups = 1 110 US bushels

 (note) use numbers not words like "two"


Day 8

Restoration Challenge 2-  again like the first one.

to find clues to the questions use


It's  a website to decode your ISBN number.

Day 9

Curator Challenge 2- again an easy puzzle. Different people would get different questions. Therefore, just paste it into google and you would get the answer instantly. Anyway, here's my question:

 What month was Claude Debussy born- August

You can also check google groups


Day 10

To answer the questions you would have to go and watch 

Meet Silas 

Observation Challenge 2-

However, the answers are 

1) octagon

2) holy water

3) silence

Note: they are all the same questions so don't worry.

Day 11

 Chess challenge 2-


2)Denon Wing

3) pangram


Day 12 

 Geography Challenge 2- 

You will have a jigsaw puzzle. 

The first answer is Rome.

Then you will have to find the greek cross. You can either use google maps to find out and put in: Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Via del Plebiscito, 00186 Rome
and try to find out yourself,

or see the image below


Day 13

 Symbol challenge 3-

This is again one of those do it yourself puzzles. Everyone has a differnet puzzle so I can't really give an answer. However, if you get really stuck try putting a symbol at a box you think it's right. If it's wrong you'll quickly find out, if it's right then great.
If you really can't do it send me an email with your puzzle (picture). However, I probably can't give you the answer till tommorrow. 

Then you get a translation question, you can use babel fish to answer that question.

Day 14

Restoration Challenge 3- again one that you have to figurut yourself. I'm not good at it so sorry I can't help you. There is a question where you have to translate a word from Atbash. I suggest you use this site.

Day 15

 Curator Challenge 3-

These puzzles are ones that there are no answers to. But a tip is, if you can't do this one press next and do another one. A site for translation is agian babel fish if its not a translation send me an email. 

Sample solutions:













Day 16

Chess challenge 3-

The questions

The Louvre's famous Pyramid was designed by?

What French king built the Louvre?


 Which of these people in history never set foot in Notre Dame? 


Day 17

Observation Challenge 3-

You have to watch another google video today.


1) f


3) 7


Day 18

You will have to complete the puzzle. 

Then there is a questions.

1) London 

Then you have to find the four blades. (see picture)


 Then another question comes up.

2) Imperial college

Day 19 

Symbol Challenge 4-

This one, you have to do yourself. Sample solutions here.

When you have completed, please send me a picture of it so it can be shared around. Thanks.

 Then, you go to google book search to search your question.


sample answers

Q - During his italian Journeys, William Dean Howells visits the Protestant ragged schools of which city?
A - Naples


Q: In his Italian Journeys, what type of tower with a great bulging cornice does William Dean Howells see?

A: Ghibelline


Day 20 

Restoration Challenge 4- This is again on of the ones you have to do yourself. 

You can send me answers and I will post it.

Here are the sample answers.


Day 21

 Curator Challenge 3-

Again one you have to do yourself.

But here are some solutions.

Sample solutions

  • According to Vol. XXIII of The Eclectic Review, ecclesiastical power of all kinds is an engine of what?

    Answer: Mischief
  • according to petrarch, what is the plague of the monarch?

    answer: insipid adulation
  • According to Vol. XXIII of The Eclectic Review, we must confine ourselves to the explication of what?

  • Question - According to Vol. IV of The Eclectic Review, what author talks of his sufferings in terms that might suit a Galileo imprisoned by the Inquisition?

    Answer - Mr. Ruskin
  • Question - According to The Eclectic Review, what is justly considered as an entirely poetical invention?

    Answer - Chivalry
  • Q: According to The Eclectic Review, what gaudy flower was first cultivated in Italy in the 16th century?

    A: Tulip (found on page 80 of the Electic Review)
  • Whose famous birthplace did Petrarch go to see in passing from Parma to Verona?

  • Q: According to Vol. IV of The Eclectic Review, whose childhood was distinguished by the inevitable persecutions which all geniuses are fated to endure?

    A: Michael Angelo Buonarroti

  • What did Petrarch consider the plauge of monarchs?

    Answer:insipid adulation
  • According to Vol. XXIII of The Eclectic Review, the only way to win the mind over to religion is by shewing it to be what?


    The Greater Good


Day 22

Q.1 The leading member of the Priory of Sion is called: 


Q.2 Which of these men was not rumored to be a Priory of Sion member? 


Q.3 What is the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility? 



Day 23

1) Paris

2) square


Day 24

How many books...?

What words are Robert Langdon asking about?
  So Dark The Con Of Man

What painting is this an anagram for?
  Madonna Of The Rocks

Thank you very much. Hope you enjoyed the quest!