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Obviously I've got heaps of time on my hands...

Nah, but this blog thing is okay, so I'm updating it again.

First off, the Aloe Vera has not had any effect on my skin; oh well, not that I care anyway.

 But yesterday, I took a giant step for mankind again (okay, not really)...this time...I ate the Aloe Vera.

What did it taste like? Pretty  bad actually, somehow after boiling it for the 10 minutes, the slimy taste is still there.

So next time, if there's a next time, I'll cook it with honey:)


By the way, thanks for checking out my site, if you are reading this...:)


 I will never forget this day. A day I was confronted by the most amzing and mysterious...plant.

Okay, those who got sucked in, put your hands up!!

Anyway... I guess the plant thing is half true. 

 When I got home today, I saw this green mushy plant siting on the chopping board. I was like...doesn't that like familiar; oh, its the Aloe Vera. 

I asked my mum "Hey why did you guys cut the Aloe Vera?"

Apparently it not only heals itch, but can heal scars. So with a tiny scar on my hand (from hitting the back of my hand on a table corner; don't laugh) I tried it.

So; I guess we'll see how it goes...



Hey guys, I know no one's reading this anyway. LOL. I ask myself then why write this. Honestly, I don't know....

Finished an assessment today. Feeling? Okay I guess. 

I'll update a bit more on this site today.

Motto in life: Be Happy!!


Hello. This is my first entry. I don't know what to say except,  I don't think anyone would read this. If you are, then thank you.

I'm going to use this place to talk about stuff. But right now I don't know what to say.

School? Arh, yes, school always make students busy. Sometimes I just can't be stuff. But I seriously don't want to fail. What can I do?

That's it for today. 

Thanks guys. ozphilc:)