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Exercising while Playing Games

I'm pretty sure that the main gaming consoles all have games for exercising of some kind, but here we will concentrate on the Nintendo Wii, it's always a bonus to be able to get fit while enjoying a game as well, all in the comfort of your own home, no expensive Gym memberships, no travelling.

Exercising Games to check out!

Balance games
  •  Heading (soccer) (balance board)
  • Ski Slalom (balance board)
  • Table Tilt (balance board)
  • Tight Rope (balance board)

Aerobic Workouts

  • Boxing (handheld controllers)
  • Step Ups (balance board)
  • Hula Hoop (balance board)

Muscle Workouts

  • Torso Twist (balance board)
  • Rowing Squats (balance board)

Pre-Owned Gaming Equipment

With exercising many of us will start out determined to make a start to improve our health and well being, alas it often sees us giving up and we're left with exercising equipment we never use again. If you want to minimise the dollar spend, you can buy pre-owned Nintendo Wii consoles and balance boards etc. from places like EB games, this is an Australian store that accepts trade ins, so they often have pre-owned consoles for sale at a much reduced price. I will add the current link below for you to check out!

EB Games Pre-owned Nintendo Wii Consoles and accessories

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