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Disability Aids

Disability Aids Make Life Easier for the Disabled

Unfortunately when you have Multiple Sclerosis, the chances are you may need to use a disability aid of some kind if not numerous types of aids to help you function on a day to day basis. I will list the more common types of disability aids you may come across that many MSers use to make life a little easier!

 Mobility Aids 

Walking Sticks and Canes


Mobility Scooter

Manual Wheelchair

Electric/Powered Wheelchair

List of Handy Disability Aids Information

Here's some handy information about disability aids

Here's a website that allows people to place ads for their secondhand Disability Aids, well worth a look before you buy!

Erni Equipment Recycling Network Ads click here!

Here is a page I have just started about the available disability aids that you can purchase

List of Disability Aids click here!

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