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Multiple Sclerosis Dietary Considerations

There is mounting evidence that what we eat might be a contributing factor in the diseases and illnesses that we contract and have to live with, diet is not a silver bullet, it's something you need to stick with and may take many years to realise it's positive effects it can have on your health, I will list the main diet programs below for people that have Multiple Sclerosis might consider taking on as a positive lifestyle change to manage your MS. The diets listed below really are just about eating the right foods and healthy wholesome real food more than anything else, it really is quite simple to follow, having said that, of course it's not easy to change your eating habits and lifestyle, it takes commitment and will power :)

 Diet is not a dirty word 

Too many people think of the word "Diet" and shiver in their boots, they consider that word to be linked to losing weight, when they should be thinking of the health benefits of eating the right food for better health, sure losing weight will probably be a by-product of following the diets below, but that should be considered a bonus, when really the main aim is for well being and a way to manage your Multiple Sclerosis and it's Symptoms at a basic level that we can all do. 

Try to be inspired and motivated to improve your health, forget about weight loss, don't even weigh yourself, the clothes you wear will be the best indicator of weight loss, not your bathroom scales!

 Swank Diet 

The Swank Diet is a low saturated fat diet for the treatment of multiple sclerosis developed by Roy L. Swank (1909-2008), which he introduced in 1948. Swank's research has been criticized methodological concerns. Currently there is not enough evidence to suggest that dietary interventions should be used as a first line treatment for multiple sclerosis.


That's from wikipedia, don't be discouraged by the negative points, the Swank diet is very popular amongst people that have Multiple Sclerosis as a way to manage symptoms and hopefully halt progression, so do your own research and see what you think about its effectiveness. There are many, many references to the Swank diet, it's a big part of the Jelinek program as well, so it definitely has it's supporters and advocates.

Video about the Swank Diet

Swank Diet for MS

 Paleo Diet 

The Paleolithic Diet and Lifestyle is all about eating food or ancestors would have eaten, whole foods, no processed and organic if you can access those foods and of course afford them, one of the things they often mention in the guidelines is don't consume anything that comes in a box as a general rule. Loren Cordain is a name to look out for as one of the experts on the Paleo lifestyle, look out for his books on the subject. The following link has some good information to start you off and will be added to in the future so keep checking this page!

Dr. Terry Wahls has had great success with her program based on Paleo as well, it helped her to get out of her wheelchair, it might not work for everyone the same way but it's another diet that may prove beneficial for people that have Multiple Sclerosis.

Paleo Diet for Multiple Sclerosis Video by Loren Cordain

There are Seven Videos in this talk, I won't add them all here, but you are sure to find them easily on Youtube

Paleo Diet Loren Cordain

Paleo Diet Information


Paleo Diet Blog Entries

For all the post labelled with or using the tag paleo-diet go to the following link

 Best Bet Treatment 

Ashton F. Embry

"The formulation of an effective treatment for MS clearly depends on knowing the cause of the disease. The treatment which is suggested in this essay assumes that dietary factors are the main cause of MS onset and progression because such a cause best fits the extensive epidemiological data base and is theoretically plausible. The data and reasoning for interpreting a dietary cause for MS are presented in the companion essay, Multiple Sclerosis and Food Hypersensitivities."

"The basic elements of a dietary model for MS are the escape of intact food proteins through a leaky gut and subsequent activation of the immune system. The immune system is activated against tissue in the central nervous system due to molecular similarities between the food proteins and self-proteins in the CNS. Access to the CNS through the blood-brain barrier (BBB) may be aided by type 1 and type 3 hypersensitivity reactions also precipitated by foods."


 Terry Wahl's Diet 

Terry Wahls is a Physician who has Multiple Sclerosis, her diet is based on the Paleo Diet. The video below is well worth a watch, it's about 17 minutes long.

You will note there is a box in front of the video when it starts playing, just place your cursor or finger on the box and you'll see an X up in the top right hand corner, hit that to close the overlay

Terry Wahls Diet TedX

 Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis 

OMS is George Jelineks well being program for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Diet based on the Swank Diet, Meditation for mental well being, Exercise

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