Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Information

Multiple Sclerosis has a range of medical symptoms that are also associated with other diseases and disorders, it can make it difficult to know whether a symptom you may experience is directly related to MS or in fact might be another symptom from a entirely different medical problem.

List of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Balance and Coordination

Brain Fog

The MS Brain Fog is a relatively easy symptom to describe, it's bit like when you first wake up and your mind is not so clear except it's always there and yes probably more so when you first wake up like with anyone else.
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Cognitive and Emotional Dysfunction
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The fatigue that is relevant to Multiple Sclerosis, is similar to any other fatigue of course, but the MS fatigue is a daily occurrence, quite often it will hit you in the afternoon at some stage, MS friends call it the "Afternoon MS Crash" ... it effects people in various ways and for many who are affected with MS fatigue, it can be quite debilitating. This type of fatigue can affect walking, Cognitive Function,  vision and energy levels throughout each and everyday day.
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MS Hug

Also referred to as "girdling" it is a tightness in the chest, the intercostal muscles between the ribs are spasming this causes tightness around the chest



Vision Problems

The following link has a list of Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Medications, they will hopefully tackle problems by alleviating or minimising the effects of MS symptoms

Symptom Medications for People who have Multiple Sclerosis

What can be done to alleviate Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

There are drugs and treatments that can help with MS Symptoms, there are a few things you can do that cost nothing or are a minor expense, for example 
Get a good nights sleep
Exercise regularly
Eat well, try to eat natural, organic if possible
Don't Smoke

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