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Beware of Scams!

I thought I should write something about our policy on Multi Level Marketing. As I am the administrator and owner of OzMS my thoughts are that these types of businesses are abhorrent and disgusting, nearly all of them prey on the sick, the vulnerable and the stupid in society, if there is a "silver bullet' for Multiple Sclerosis treatments out there it is doubtful that it will be sold by someone with a dodgy turnkey website and an internet connection.

 Multi Level Marketing Scams 

Most if not all MLM schemes are SCAMS, simple as that!

Seriously why would you buy your Medical supplies from a home business, that then expects you to sell the overpriced snake oil as well. They want you to sell the products as well so you can afford the exorbitant prices they charge. Remember you are below someone else in this scam, so they make money on everything you sell. They use every sales trick in the book to con you into their web of lies and so it continues with the next!

They often want you to buy a "discounted kit" that is still overpriced for what it is. They will pressure you to keep up with their sales targets. The worst thing is that we get bombarded with feel good stories from such sensationalist "news" services like a "A Current Affair" and "Today Tonight" it's why I don't watch these programs at all, I wouldn't trust a thing they said. Sure it's fun to laugh at the idiots of society and the latest scam artist running away from a camera, but these news services will bloody advertise for them, that is until they find out it's all a scam and then they turn the tables on them.

Let me make it clear I am not a great fan of the drug companies but some things they make do work and save lives, but this is after much research....hopefully. Yep there are shonky people in all walks of life but at least the drug companies need to prove their findings and adhere to strict guidelines, once again....hopefully.

So please be wary of MLM businesses, whatever wares they are pedalling.

Why did I write this today?

Well I received an email from someone who wanted a list of famous Australian people who have Multiple Sclerosis, I know of a few here and there, but I have no "list" and that's the truth. I told them to sign up to OzMS and ask on the forums, they had contacted me from this sites "Contact Us" page so it was only logical to suggest that course of action for this "person". I never for one minute thought this was the whole story, because if they really wanted an answer they would have already joined OzMS and searched the site lol.

Anyway he mentioned stem cells, alarms went off, I already knew he had something to do with "Bovine Colostrum" and knew the site he would then mention in his next email reply, yep I am highly cynical and always suspicious, this has come from running this site and also having a good email convo with an ex-spammer who I had blocked from joining OzMS, (I used to let them know automatically) that they were blocked. This guy replied to that auto email lol, I blocked him because after a web search I found quite a few instances of his spamming on other web sites, well actually I found lots, but nothing recent. Anyway I learnt a bit from that convo.

So always be on your guard, it could save you thousands of dollars and a shed load of stress. If you want to buy alternative health products, only use a reputable health food store or reputable online stores, do your research! Listen to others, read forums and don't trust anyone if they use high pressure sales tactics and remarkable claims of Multiple Sclerosis cures, they generally only have claims from other people, usually people that they have sucked in and are now selling the products. 

I have no problem with reputable stores selling anything, because generally they have to abide by some kind of rules, but MLMs can shut up shop and start a new business under another name within a day, you have virtually no way to hold them accountable for their dodginess. 

Reputable stores don't make outlandish claims like "it's a cure" they don't make "dodgy testimonials" and if they do they will be punished sooner or later, remember the "Power Bracelets" (they weren't MLM's), they had to refund everyone!

Absolutely no Multi Level Marketing on OzMS, it's because we care about you  and we despise scammers, spammers and people who prey on others ;o)

This is the Australian government Scamwatch website it has some great information, if you are tempted by these MLM products, or any other dodgy product please read the following link first!