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Euthanasia in Australia

I have created this Euthanasia page to support the cause to make Euthanasia Legal in Australia. I am not advocating suicide to anyone, but I do believe it's a discussion we all should have with our loved ones and friends, let's discuss not censor this important topic. You can do your own further research on the topic from the keywords and text in this page, read and search!

Although it is a crime to assist in euthanasia, prosecutions have been rare. In 2002, relatives and friends who provided moral support to an elderly woman who committed suicide were extensively investigated by police, but no charges were laid. The Commonwealth government subsequently tried to hinder euthanasia with the passage of the Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Materials Offences) Bill of 2004.

 In Tasmania in 2005 a nurse was convicted of assisting in the death of her elderly father, who had terminal cancer, and trying to kill her mother, who was in the early stages of dementia. She was sentenced to two and a half years in jail but the judge later suspended the conviction because he believed the community did not want the woman put behind bars. This sparked debate about decriminalising euthanasia.Decriminalisation of Euthanasia in Australia is supported by the Australian Greens, the Secular Party of Australia, the Australian Sex Party, the Australian Democrats, and the Liberal Democratic Party.

Excerpt of Wikipedia page "Euthanasia in Australia"

Personally I would be a liar if I said that suicide has never crossed my mind. since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I'll admit it's a somewhat common thought, but having said that I have had MS for about fifteen years and I haven't even been close to ending it. If I did consider it seriously if my disability gets worse of course I would like to know how to do it the right way and the most comfortable non messy way to end it if that time comes. This is a topic that interests many people who have Multiple Sclerosis and various other debilitating incurable diseases.

 Dr Philip Nitschke 

PhD, MBBS, BSci (Hons) 

Philip Nitschke Euthanasia Advocate
In 1996, Philip became the the first physician in the world to administer a legal, lethal voluntary injection under the short-lived Rights of the Terminally Ill Act of the Northern Territory in 1996. Four of Philip's terminally ill patients used this law to end their suffering before the law was overturned in March 1997 by the Australian Parliament. From About Philip Nitschke

"A lethal drug promoted by euthanasia campaigners as a peaceful way to die is easily being illegally imported into Australia.Known as the "peaceful pill", barbiturate Nembutal is promoted by the euthanasia movement as the best and most peaceful way to end your life.Most have bought the illicit drug online from China, a country that in the last two years has come to dominate the market. The drug kills within an hour of being consumed." 

The Beginning Of Your End - Part 1

The Peaceful Pill Handbook
Dr. Philip Nitschke from "Exit International" and Dr. Fiona Stewart wrote a book called "The Peaceful Pill Handbook" that was subsequently banned in Australia, apparently it is illegal to own a copy, so I heard anyway...I suppose Google might just be your friend if you wish to source a copy to read. Check for yourself about the legality of owning this book for your own peace of mind!

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