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Australian Government Disability Services

Government welfare services for the disabled will be listed on this page


 Services & Information for the Disabled 

In Australia our Government generally provide some great services for the disabled, though they aren't always made known to the eligible people. They are all listed on the Australian Government web sites and Social workers often are often your best source of information on the available services that you might qualify for.

I'll add info and links below as I find them!

People with Disability

This is the home page for People with a Disability

People with Disability - Human Services click here!

Continence Aids Payment Scheme

Helps people aged 5 years or more who have permanent and severe incontinence to meet some of the costs of incontinence products.

Continence Aids Payment Scheme click here!

Employment and the Disabled

Fair Work Ombudsman

Most employees in Australia are covered by a modern award (also known as an ‘award’). Awards set the minimum wages and conditions of employees that are covered by them.

Modern awards & employees with a disability click here!

Minimum wage for the Disabled

There are 2 special national minimum wages for employees with disability who are not covered by an award or agreement.

Special national minimum wage for employees with disability click here!

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