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Apps Make Life a Little Easier

As I only use the Android System on my devices I will only be listing those Applications that work on Android, please understand that I will only list apps that could make it easier for people that have Multiple Sclerosis, they will be mostly free if I can find decent free apps, I do though have no control over what it may do to your device, so do your own research as well, try to stick to apps from reputable businesses, in the long run there are far less problems.

 List of Android Apps for MSers 

As above I will list handy applications for people that have Multiple Sclerosis

Calendar by Google

Google Calendar is great for setting up reminders about meetings, events, appointments with Doctors and Neurologists etc. as I'm nearly always near a Computer I generally get notifications sent to my email.

Get the Google Calendar App here!

My Tracks by Google

Google My Tracks is great for tracking your walking and cycling activities, or make a shopping list with checkboxes you can mark off as you collect your shopping list, it will notify you by location when you are in the store as a reminder to check the list, very handy.

Get the Google My Tracks App here!

Fit by Google

Google Fit is a new Google app that has just been released, it's great for counting your steps while going for a walk.

Get the Google Fit App here!

There is also of course the great standard google apps that come with most if not all Android Mobile Phones, yes Calendar should probably be in this part, but it is a great handy app for appointments and meetings.

Maps by Google

Google Maps this should and does come with most Android Mobile phones

Get the Google Maps App here!

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