Multiple Sclerosis Medications

Currently approved drugs for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, this list will include TGA, FDA and other relevant authority information.

 Multiple Sclerosis Treatments 

These are the "official" approved Drugs your Neurologist may prescribe for treating your MS, of course this may vary from country to country and what type of MS or what stage your MS is at


Avonex - Interferon beta-1a (Intramuscular Injection)
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Betaferon - Interferon beta-1b (Subcutaneous Injection)
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Copaxone - Glatiramer acetate (Subcutaneous Injection)
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Rebif - Interferon beta-1a (Subcutaneous Injection)
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Plegridy - Peginterferon Beta 1A  (Subcutaneous Injection)
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Tysabri (IV - Intravenous)
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Lemtrada (IV - Intravenous)
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Solu-Medrol - Methylprednisolone (IV and Oral)


Aubagio (Pill/Tablet form)
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Gilenya (Pill/Tablet form)
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Tecfidera (Pill/Tablet form) approved in USA not sure of other countries?
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