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Let's face it, I had a nightmare of a time trying to get help running OzMS as a Support Forum, my health started to suffer and apart from a few good moderators, help was rarely forthcoming. As much as I begged and pleaded, I could never find anyone who would be able to help with the backend, even though there were a few members with the required skills. 

So, I've decided to add a page where I will hopefully be able to help support MSers who are running communities on their own. At the very least by linking to their wonderful communities, with a hope to get them onto google at least with a link from a decent site! All websites will be checked and I will contact the manager of the community before adding their site to this page :)

 Recommended MS Communities around the World 


Czech Republic

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 Slovak Republic

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Mým cílem není zahrnout Vás řadou lékařských termínů a bezútěšných fáčů, jen bych ráda ukázala to, co nemoc přináší a co si na druhou stranu bere.

A pokud právě Vám lékař sdělil: "Máte RS," pak mi věřte jedno – starý život pro Vás končí, ale nový život dneškem začíná!

Život s RS

Život s RS on Google Plus

United States of America

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Computer Literate Advocates for Multiple Sclerosis©

Striving to bring those with MS out of isolation and into computer communications for support, companionship and information with others sharing this disease.

CLAMS is comprised of people who are provisionally diagnosed or diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is Computer Information and Communication for People with MS, 
by People with MS

CLAMS will strive to get support networks in cyberspace in the lives of those with MS . The intention is to reach those who are not involved in telephone and in-person support networks already available.

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