Multiple Sclerosis Support and Information Communities

Joining a Community with other people who also have Multiple Sclerosis is a great way to get the support, resources and information you might require, sometimes you're wondering if this new symptom is "normal" or something to be concerned about and what action should be taken. We can't be ringing or visiting our GPs or Neurologists every five minutes so it pays to be informed and up to date, this all helps with managing our MS and our lives. Often a lot of pressure is placed on our family and friends who just can't understand what someone with MS goes through, communities are like a safe haven for many MSers.

 Multiple Sclerosis Community 

It should be obvious by now that although OzMS started as a Community, that is no longer the case, I do still manage a MS Community on Google+, it's an international community of MSers from around the world.

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