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Welcome to OzMS

As me, Darin the owner of OzMS is one of those people that does have Multiple Sclerosis himself, it was becoming more difficult to host the site with web hosts and managing the back end or admin interface. I'm still very interested in the subject of Multiple Sclerosis and trying to manage it as best that I can. I do my best to try and spread awareness of Multiple Sclerosis in Australia.

 Multiple Sclerosis in Australia 

Australia has a very good public health system, we really are very lucky compared to some countries around the world, we have quite a few options to treat our MS that have been approved by the "Therapeutic Goods Administration" (TGA) and were placed on the "Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme" (PBS). Sure we have the typical "wait list" for elective surgery but as with any public ran entity there will always be some problems, overall though Australia's health system is top notch.

Australia is a vast nation, we have widely varying climate zones from tropical to temperate, living in Melbourne is quite good as a MSer, of course we still have some warm temperatures but mostly the weather averages out to be quite mild.

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Darin's Lemtrada "First set of Infusions" Experience - Click Here!
I documented my Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) first intravenous infusions experience through my Blog, only posts tagged with "lemtrada" will be listed...

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 Latest MSRA News feed 

Below is an RSS feed gadget that picks up feeds from Australian web sites involved with Multiple Sclerosis, guess what there is only one that I can find, none of the Australian Multiple Sclerosis Society web sites including the state web sites have RSS feeds, they really do very little to allow other web sites to feed their articles and news, so much for spreading awareness, only one site has RSS feeds, the Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia web site is the only one and well worth adding and it's interesting to read what they post! You will need to scroll within the box below to the latest nine stories!


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