I am an Assistant Professor in Responsible and Ethical AI at the Department of Philosophy and Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. I specialize in logic and formal epistemology.

Before starting my current job, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Logic of Conceivability project at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam and at the Arché Research Center at the University of St Andrews.

I defended my Ph.D in October 2017, a joint degree from the ILLC, University of Amsterdam and LORIA, Université de Lorraine under the supervision of Hans van Ditmarsch, Nick Bezhanishvili, and Sonja Smets.

My Ph.D dissertation, Evidence in Epistemic Logic: A Topological Perspective, studies formal representations of the notion of evidence and its link to justication, justied belief, knowledge, and evidence-based information dynamics, by using tools from topology and (dynamic) epistemic logic.

I received my MSc degree in Logic at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Nick Bezhanishvili and Sonja Smets. My MSc thesis was about topological semantics for belief logics and belief revision.

My CV is here.

Research interests:

Broadly speaking, my work lies at the intersection of formal epistemology, logic, and a bit of formal learning theory. I have also very recently started thinking about societal consequences and ethical issues around the rapid development of AI.

Narrowly speaking, I am very much interested in (dynamic) epistemic logic - in particular, logics for knowledge (update), belief (revision), evidence (management), imagination, as well as formal learning theory. I am a big fan of using topological semantics for epistemic logics. More recently, I have also been working on the problem of logical omniscience and epistemology of indicative conditionals.

My Erdös number is 3, via the path

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  • P. Erdös, R.L. Hemminger, D.A. Holton and B.D. McKay: On the chessmaster problem. Progress in Graph Theory, 1984. (PDF)

Past and current collaborators:

Alexandru Baltag Peter Hawke

Francesco Berto Sophia Knight

Nick Bezhanishvili Julia Ilin

Adam Bjorndahl Tom Schoonen

Hans van Ditmarsch Sonja Smets

Nina Gierasimczuk Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval