About Us

Who we are

    Ozark Volleyball Club (OVC), the premier adult volleyball club in Northwest Arkansas, seeks to provide opportunities for volleyball players of all skill levels.  OVC promotes and organizes volleyball for the NWA area, including:  Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville.  The club officers are:  Don Cox, Evan Kirkconnell, Koni Joyner, and Kris Keck.

What we provide

    In order to encourage quality volleyball play in the NWA area, the club coordinates indoor and outdoor leagues, tournaments, and training.  Offering various indoor formats over the years, the most common game types are coed 6s for both competitive and recreational skill levels.  Coed outdoor volleyball is even more varied, providing competitive 2s and 4s and intermediate 4s.  In addition, multiple sessions are implemented for both indoor and outdoor in order to allow for new members and to accommodate changes in member’s schedules.
    Volleyball skills training is also provided for those seeking to improve their game play.  Training is coordinated between the club and the Ozark Juniors coaches.
    Another popular opportunity is tournaments.  The OVC coordinates several tournaments throughout the year in various formats.  Most popular are the sand coed 3s tournaments and the annual Big Dog 2s tournament.  Besides hosting, the OVC also encourages its members to participate in other regional and national tournaments by providing accessible information and through continued preparation.

Where we play

    Our facilities include multiple sand courts at the Veterans Memorial Parks in both Fayetteville and Bentonville.  (Fayetteville Map)  (Bentonville Map)  Containing professional nets and lines and quality sand, these courts promote an equivalent level of play:  a level unrivaled in the surrounding area.  Indoor volleyball is currently played at the Jones Center in Springdale.  Both the sand and indoor courts provide an excellent environment, quality equipment, and the ability to handle the continued growth that OVC is experiencing.

Who can play

    Through the many formats available to its members, the intent of the OVC is to provide readily available access to anyone interested in playing volleyball.  This includes all skill levels.  Beyond this, it is also important to the club to encourage the development of players which is accomplished through the competitive leagues, tournaments, and training.  Also important to development, the many skilled members are readily accessible and happy to provide advice for improving skills.
    Whether those that might be interested already have a team or are individuals seeking to join an existing team, the club is available to provide such opportunities.  For those that are interested, please contact one of the club officers listed above for any specific questions or feel free to browse around the forum where most general league information can be found.