Here is an event release (recap) of the program recently presented by Dr. Elena Dovalsantos. 

The past event with Elena was simply fantastic.  She covered the first part of The Secret Doctrine of HPB which is about Cosmogenesis, or how the universe came about.  Elena talked about the three fundamental propositions that are at the core of Theosophical teachings and made comparisons to present theories of science and teachings of Christianity.  HPB was way ahead of her time leaving science to play catch-up with the ancient wisdom which explains the meaning and purpose of life much more satisfactorily than exoteric science and religion.  Elena related how the ancient wisdom tradition is present in the Christian scriptures when viewed with an esoteric interpretation.  The feeling, the atmosphere, and interest was so keen and magnetic that it kept your attention focused and riveted on the topic and presentation.  It was more than a presentation, it was involvement and interaction of all those in attendance and everyone asked questions and contributed their thoughts.  Anyone who missed this meeting really missed something worthwhile.  The end of the event left you longing for more.  But fortunately Elena and Pablo will be back again next summer to continue with the second part of The Secret Doctrine, that of Anthropogenesis, or how man, humanity, came to be.  Conventional science and religion may have their theories and ideas of how it all came about, but as more and more time passes, the evidence suggests and points to the validity of the Ancient Wisdom presented in The Secret Doctrine.  There was just a lot of fun, talking together, socializing, and experiencing the presentation that it was an experience and feeling of brotherhood.  You mustn’t miss the next event by Elena on The Secret Doctrine.  

                There will be more updates to the web page, but for now here is a group photo of those in attendance.  



Here's what's coming up:
                              Kurt Leland

  Kurt Leland will be returning to the Ozark Camp October 5 – 7, 2018 to present his new program “Living and Working with Angels, Davas, and Nature Spirits.” 
  Theosophical teachings posit the existence of a parallel evolutionary scheme to that of human beings, populated by nonphysical
 intelligences that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of life on our planet and its associated nonphysical realms--the deva evolution. The term deva is Sanskrit for “shining one,” and is roughly equivalent to what Westerners call angels. This 
evolution, which includes nature spirits at the lower end and mighty archangelic beings at the upper end, has exerted a fascination 
for artists, writers, and musicians for centuries, challenging them to depict such beings, their nonphysical realms of being, and the states of consciousness associated with them. In this workshop, Kurt will outline the Theosophical teachings on nature 
spirits and devas, from Blavatsky and Leadbeater to Geoffrey Hodson and Dora Kunz. We’ll sample depictions of nature spirits 
and devas in art, literature, and music and Kurt will tell stories of personal encounters with them, suggesting ways we can 
become more aware of their presence and how to work with them for the benefit of all beings.  In an effort to make our guests more comfortable each time they come, the Ozark Theosophical Camp has been busy completing their first phase of the addition to 
Watson Hall by pouring a 1300 square foot slab right outside the front door.  Right now this serves as a wonderful gathering area including a portable fire pit set up to enjoy warmth, drums and lots of wonderful conversations in the starlight!  This patio is now allowing everyone an opportunity to be included.  As soon as the funds allow, the next phase will be to add a much needed 
bathroom next to the existing building.  The money and labor to support these projects comes from the annual events, our members, and donations … without which none of this would be possible.
 For additional information concerning these events please email us at ozarktscamp@gmail.com or stay connected to our website  https://sites.google.com/site/ozarktheosophicalcamp/home . OR SEARCH  Ozark Theosophical Camp and you will find the option.      The website will give you the latest news concerning the events and activities at the Camp. 



                                                      Here's the beautiful new kitchen in Watson Hall
                                            See more pictures in the photo gallery

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