October 5 – 7, 2018 Kurt Leland presented his new program “Living

and Working with Angels, Devas, and Nature Spirits.”


Theosophical teachings posit the existence of a parallel evolutionary scheme 

to that of human beings, populated by nonphysical intelligences that are responsible 

for the creation and maintenance of life on our planet and its associated nonphysical

realms--the deva evolution. The term deva is Sanskrit for “shining one,” and is 

roughly equivalent to what Westerners call angels. This evolution, which includes

nature spirits at the lower end and mighty archangelic beings at the upper end, has

exerted a fascination for artists, writers, and musicians for centuries, challenging 

them to depict such beings, their nonphysical realms of being, and the 

states of consciousness associated with them. In this workshop, Kurt will 

outline the Theosophical teachings on nature spirits and devas, from Blavatsky

and Leadbeater to Geoffrey Hodson and Dora Kunz. We’ll sample depictions

of nature spirits and devas in art, literature, and music and Kurt will tell stories of

personal encounters with them, suggesting ways we can become more aware

of their presence and how to work with them for the benefit of all beings. 


Topics include:

1.         What it means to Live and Work with Nature Spirits and Devas:  A Personal Account

2.         Working with the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Causal Elementals

3.         Working with Beings of the Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire)

4.         Working with Angels

5.         Angels of the Four Corners:  A Practice

6.         (In the twilight) Sharing Tales of Living and Working with Nature Spirits and Devas

7.         Practical Advice for Living and Working with Nature Spirits and Devas




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