T-Shirt Design Contes

for OYSO & PHIL Musicians

Sunday November 8 @ 4pm

Submission Format:

*A black and white drawing, no wider than 8.5inches and no taller than 11inches, to fit on only the back of the t-shirt/sweatshirt. 

(We will have a the youth symphony logo on the front left of the shirt.)

*Designs may be submitted on white paper in black ink or submitted electronically at 300 dpi resolution in JPEG or PDF format.

*Design lines need to be the thickness of a standard sharpie marker to best transfer for the screen printing.

*Submit at rehearsals to attendance aide or place in contest folder in the attendance binder or via email to Sandy Brunk at:   sandy.brunk@gmail.com

Please include your name with your submission. 

Musicians may partner together with another student to create a design and then share the prize.

Selection Process:

The Parent Board and Conductors will consider the following elements while selecting finalists:

1 Originality and Creativity

2 Relevance of the design for OYSO & PHIL

3 Suitable for the range of musicians in OYSO & PHIL

4 Clear design that will transfer effectively to the t-shirt/sweatshirt

OYSO Parent Board will collect all design submissions and reserves the right to disqualify any design deemed inappropriate. The Board will narrow down the submission to the finalists. The finalists’ designs will be displayed the Fall Concert Dress Rehearsals (Sat. Nov. 14, 2015) to vote for their favorite. Votes will be collected and the winner announced at the Fall Concert (Sun. Nov. 15, 2015)!

Competition Dates:

Artwork Submission Deadline: Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finalists selected and displayed at dress rehearsals: Saturday, November 14, 2015

Winner to be announced at Fall Concert: Sunday, November 15, 2015

Any questions please contact Sandy Brunk at sandy.brunk@gmail.com

Competition Prize:

~2 tshirts/sweatshirts of choice (this allows you to work with a partner on the design!)

~Artist/s name/s will be on the t-shirt

~Bragging Rights!

Mission Statement 
The role of the Youth Orchestras is to educate young musicians in a professional symphony atmosphere, to provide training by professional musicians, to give opportunities to perform a wide variety of symphonic music, and to provide a variety of music education formats. It is our purpose to help prepare the young musician for participation in the world of symphonic music, either as a professional musician or as a concertgoer.