Making the most of the recreation ground

We ("ORG") are a volunteer team of councillors and parishioners working to facilitate the improvement of the village's recreational space, step-by-step.   We penned the successful Parish Council grant bids to WREN and Notts County Council and teamed up with the new Oxton Community Fundraisers charity ("OCF") in the 'Swing into Action' appeal effort this Spring.

Together, as a community effort in partnership with local authorities and grant funders, we managed to raise enough
 money to bring the children's play area into the 21st Century - within budget and on time ready for the first day of the summer holidays.


                                    and 'After'


With a fresh mix of volunteers on board ORG there was the exciting opportunity to focus the next step on 'improving the sports field' as had been identified from the Village Plan...


Interested? please read more about the 'next steps' proposal that has now being implemented so we can now enjoy an even better recreational space this summer

Phase 3 of 3 now complete as of June 2012.  No further plans are in the pipeline.

This website is therefore now an archive.