Village Plan Fund

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The Parish Council had been setting aside provision and donations received over a number of years in a 'sinking fund' towards replacing the ageing play area equipment. However, due to being successful in 2011 in getting the necessary funds through external grant revenue and community donations instead, the Parish Council agreed at their November 2011 meeting that the money therefore remaining in the old sinking fund would be allocated to proposals agreed by the Parish Council which arise from the Village Plan.  In future, these monies will be referred to as the 'Village Plan Fund' in financial reports.

So, if you are a volunteer group working on community initiatives identified in the Village Plan, please contact the Clerk at any time to make preliminary enquiries - please quote the Village Plan Project Reference number. 

Projects supported through the Village Plan Fund to date:

Agreed at Parish Council Meeting November 2011
  • creation of a level grassed area on the recreation ground (Village Plan Project Ref 10a)
  • providing 3 picnic tables on the recreation ground (Village Plan Project Ref 21)
Agreed at Parish Council Meeting March 2012
Agreed at Parish Council Meeting April 2012
  • support for instructor training and equipment for chair-based exercise classes (Village Plan Project Ref 8)
  • providing 6 new planters in the village (Village Plan Project Ref 22a)
Agreed at Parish Council Meeting June 2012
  • match-funding contribution to the Oxton Film Club for film projector purchase (Village Plan Project Ref 5)
Agreed at Parish Council Meeting December 2012
  • the application of fertiliser in Autumn and Spring on the level grassed area  on the recreation ground to ensure the grass is in the best possible condition (Village Plan Project Ref 10a)
Agreed at Parish Council Meeting September 2013
  • support for the Save the village Post Office and Shop campaign in the form of paying for leaflets, hall hire and workshop

November 2013 - fertiliser for new pitch area on recreation field

March 2015 -    Equipment for chair based exercise group

May 2015 -     Repairs to zip wire in playground

July 2015 -     Repairs to basket  roundabout in play ground

April 2016 -    Materials for automatic sluice gate as part of flood alleviation work

July 2016 -     Cushionfall for playground under zip wire and climber

October 2016 -     Annual running costs for defibrillators