Agenda for 14th May meeting

posted Mar 26, 2019, 3:34 AM by Karen Birks   [ updated May 12, 2019, 2:14 AM by LJ Campbell ]

Oxton Parish Council

All members of the council are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Oxton Parish Council being held on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 7.30pm in the Sylvia Bell Room of Oxton Village Hall.

L-J Campbell – Clerk to Oxton Parish Council – 8th May 2019

Public question time is dealt with prior to the commencement of the meeting and doesn't form part of the formal business of council (or committee) and is limited to 10mins (an additional 5 minutes can be allocated in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Chairman).Each parishioner wishing to speak will be allocated a maximum of 2 minutes in order to allow other people to also speak without the public session exceeding its allotted time. Please Note: Councillors will not be able to respond on items on the agenda, but will take notice of the views put forward.


1.           Election of Chair and Vice Chair

2.           Signing of Acceptance of Office

3.           Apologies

4.           Declaration of Interests

5.           Minutes from the meeting held on 9th April 2019

6.           Matters arising

7.           Highways

8.           Communications

9.           Finance

9.1        To receive and authorise accounts for payment
9.2        To discuss monthly reconciliation for April
9.3        Receipt and Approval of Final Accounts for 2018/201
10.         Recreation
11.         Risk and Reslience
12.         Planning
13.         Village Hall     
14.         Best Kept Village Competition
15.         Matters for report or future discussion
15.1        Dog Waste Bin
15.2        Gate Signage
15.3        Port-a-loo
16.         Close of meeting
17.         Next meeting :  Open Parish Meeting on Thursday 23rd May 2019 at 7.30pm.  Next Parish      Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 7.30pm.