Meeting schedule

When and where does the Parish Council meet?

The Council usually meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, except August, in the Sylvia Bell Room of the Village Hall

Meetings usually start at 7:30pm and last for around two hours.

Dates for forthcoming meetings in 2019 are:-

 Parish Council Meeting12th March  Sylvia Bell Meeting Room
Tuesday  Parish Council Meeting 9th April  Sylvia Bell Meeting Room
 Tuesday Parish Council Meeting14th MaySylvia Bell Meeting Room
 Tuesday  Parish Council Meeting
11th June Sylvia Bell Meeting Room
 Tuesday  Parish Council Meeting
9th July  Sylvia Bell Meeting Room
 Tuesday          Parish Council Meeting 10th Sept  Sylvia Bell Meeting Room

The Annual Parish Meeting, where all Parishioners are invited to attend, is held every year in May.   In 2019, this meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd May in the Park View Room in Oxton Village Hall.

How will I know what is to be discussed at the meeting?

The Agenda sets out the business of each meeting.  The purpose of an agenda is to advise Councillors and the Public as to what issues are to be discussed and, if appropriate, voted on. The Council cannot lawfully make decisions on anything that is not included as an agenda item, especially ones of a monetary nature. It is the role of the Clerk and Chairman to set the agenda. The Clerk must display an agenda in a public place at least three clear working days before an ordinary meeting. A copy should be sent to all Councillors. Here in Oxton, the Agenda is posted on the Parish notice-board, the "" community website and, of course, on this website.

read the latest agenda

How can I participate?

Use the Public Address to Council session at the start of Council meetings

Public question time is dealt with prior to the commencement of the meeting and should address an agenda item. It doesn't form part of the formal business of council (or committee) and is limited to 10mins (an additional 5 minutes can be allocated in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Chairman). Each Parishioner wishing to speak will be allocated a maximum of 2 minutes in order to allow other people to also speak without the public session exceeding its allotted time.  Please note that Councillors will be unable to respond to comments expressed by Parishioners but will take notice of view/s put forward when the item is discussed on the agenda.

Ask any Councillor to raise an issue

You can approach any Councillor and ask them to raise a subject on your behalf at a full Council meeting. It is then the responsibility of the Councillor to raise the issue with the Clerk and/or Chairman so they can decide whether to allow the matter to be included on the agenda. There may good reason for not including a specific item on the agenda. For instance, the Parish Council may have recently decided upon action or it is due to discuss it at a later date. Either way, the Clerk should be in a position to explain the decision.