picnic tables

Enjoy relaxing in the Great Outdoors?

Update 30/5/12 : 3 new picnic benches and extra bin have now been installed

The Village Plan exercise identified a popular demand from 132 villagers to have picnic tables on the recreation ground and many visitors to the new playspace have been picnicing impromptu and asking if proper tables could be provided.

This idea was taken forward by the village plan action group (Village Plan Project Ref 21) led by Julia Stirland and Kath Soanes in liaison with the Oxton Recreation Ground working group and a detailed proposal submitted to the Parish Council in November 2011 with their recommended type, designs, fixings, supplier, number and location for the picnic tables.

The Parish Council at their November 2011 meeting unanimously accepted these recommendations and provided the necessary funding of £1,500 + reclaimable VAT so that 3 Marmax picnic tables could be purchased and installed on the recreation ground by June 2012.


Locations for the new tables were determined by observations of current picnicing activity and where people naturally congregate on the field.  No particular area of the recreation ground provides shade throughout the day so each table will have a parasol hole should users wish to bring their own.

Location 'a' is for the accessible bench which has an extended top to allow wheelchair access.

Locations 'b' and 'c' are for the standard-size designs.

These picnic tables are of the 'walk-through' sturdy design to save users of differing heights and mobility having to climb over the bench seating. 

For more information on these tables which are made of recycled plastic for environmental, durability and hygiene factors, see the manufacturer's website at