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Serious dog attack in Oxton

posted Aug 22, 2017, 3:55 AM by Karen Birks

At the end of July a dog was attacked on Windmill Hill leaving the poor animal with serious injuries and the owners with a large vet bill.  The injured dog was being walked on a lead by a gentleman and his daughter. An unprovoked attack took place by a dog which was not on a lead and was being walked by an owner who did not appear to have control over his pet. It was a very traumatic experience for all concerned and because of the shock and confusion of the situation the owner of the injured dog was not able to identify either the owner of the aggressive dog or the exact bread of the dog but has described it as a large tan coloured boxer/bull mastiff type of dog.

This incident has been reported to the police has also been brought to the attention of Oxton Parish Council and the Parish Council are working with Newark and Sherwood District Council and the dog warden to ascertain if any action can be taken either to identify the culprit or reduce the chance of such an attack happening again. If anyone has any information which they think could be useful concerning this event please can you either get in touch with Karen Birks, the Parish Clerk, or contact the police directly quoting the crime number 755 17072017.

The Parish Council has serious concerns about the issue of dangerous and aggressive dogs being walked in the parish and this particular incident has highlighted that it is a very real problem.