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Best Kept Village Competition 2018

posted Apr 5, 2018, 5:04 AM by Karen Birks


OXTON has entered the best kept village competition. Judging for the first round will be on a day between Monday 4th June and Friday 22nd June. Please do your bit to ensure the village is looking its best so Oxton can show its best side to the judges.  It is a beautiful village with lots of lovely features – lets try and make this year a wining year!

Please consider volunteering to keep your immediate neighbourhood tidy and encourage those who live near you to do the same. If everyone does this it will keep the whole village generally free of litter and weeds and clean and tidy.

 Oxton Parish Council continues to ensure the verges and hedges are cut regularly (this year the grass cuttings will be collected to keep it extra tidy), the recreation field, play area, notice boards etc are kept well . The Parish Council is  very grateful to those who already do their bit to ensure the village is kept neat and tidy.

In this competition marks are awarded in the following categories:

Domestic (25 marks) e.g. Houses, gardens, hedges, frontages

Community facilities (40 marks) e.g. bus shelters, playing fields, playgrounds streams, churchyards, street furniture, schools

Commercial enterprises (25 marks) e.g. inns and parking areas, farm buildings

Obvious community effort (10marks)

A village is not judged for the number of features it contains but for evidence of pride and involvement which is where everyone who lives in Oxton can help