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Flood wardens

Oxton has 1 volunteer Flood Wardens

Their details are given below and they can be contacted anytime if people are concerned about the condition of the water courses in the village. We inspect them regularly and report any problems.  

The emergency flood plan has been updated in 2016 - please download from the link below or request a copy from the Clerk.

All areas affected by flooding in 2007 are encouraged by the Environment Agency to have an emergency flood plan.  The following plan (at the bottom of the page) has been agreed by the Oxton Flood Team and the Parish Council and will be used if we have a flood alert.  All those concerned about the possibility of flooding should read the plan and ensure that the flood team  have your contact details.

Flood Wardens

Nick Borrett        01159652356
   or 07739505541     
email:  nick@eldercaredevelopments.com

Karen Birks,
Mar 28, 2016, 9:04 AM