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Oxton Parish Council Asset register 2018/19
Asset Location Value
Land (Community Asset) Playing field and site of Village Hall  £1
approx 3.25 acres
Wooden Gate At entrance to playing field £3,597
Wooden Gate and fencing Around children's play area
Fencing and handrail Rear of village hall £846
Gate (installed March 2012) Between toddler area and trail area £355
Gate  (installed May 2013) Entrance into toddler area £355
One Goal Post Playing field £450
Toddler area
Stand up seesaw (eibe) Toddler area £750
Carnation (eibe) Toddler area £2,002
Satellite roundabout (eibe) Toddler area £1,353
Play unit Santa Ponsa II (eibe) Toddler area £4,309
Steel slide (eibe) Toddler area £986
Eagle double swing with safety seats Toddler area 546
Eagle double swing with toddler seats Toddler area £843
Safer surfacing Toddler area £1,500
Grass grow through mat Toddler area £3,162
Timber aerial runway (playdale) Play trail £5,093
Jungle climber (playdale) Play trail £5,830
Clatter bridge (playdale) Play trail £1,037
Skiddaw 2 faced ledge (playdale) Play trail £975
Zig Zag stilts (playdale) Play trail £591
Jungle walk (playdale) Play trail £648
Swinging steps (playdale) Play trail £849
Wobble board (playdale) Play trail £526
Single balance beam (playdale) Play trail £182
Burma bridge (playdale) Play trail £661
Combo 8 (playdale) Play trail £1,212
Timber team swing (playdale) Play trail £2,140
Log walks (playdale) Play trail £240
Raised edging boards (playdale) Play trail £1,530
Safety surfacing (playdale) Play trail £5,417
TOTAL £47,986
Location Type Value
3 Picnic benches - play area (May 2012) Recycled material £1,343
Forest road (October 2014) Recycled material £616
School gardens Timber £270
Elmcroft Timber £381
Main St. by church Timber £2,079
Children's play area Timber £915
Children's play area Timber £591
Playing field Timber and concrete £270
Main St. opposite post office (June 2010) Timber and metal (provided by NCC) £450
Main St. village hall entrance (Sept 08) Recycled material £840
Windmill Hill Timber £224
TOTAL £7,979
Asset Location Value
Notice board Village hall car park £900
Notice board (Provided by NCC Oct 12) Village Hall car park £1,600
Interpretation Board Village hall car park entrance £800
No parking sign (purchased Sept 13) Attached to main gate onto playing field £49
Flagpoles (x 2) Entrance to village hall car park £200
Flags Stored in vilage hall for occasional use £8
Brick wall Entrance to village hall car park £1,348
Litter bin Main St. o/s Olde Bridge Inne £301
Litter bin Main St. verge opposite Post Office £301
Litter bin Entrance to village hall car park £301
Litter bin (purchased March 13) Elmcroft/Mainstreet £174
Litter bin (purchased March 12) Children's play area £316
Litter bin (purchased March 12) Children's play area £316
Litter bin (purchased April 18) Bottom of Windmill Hill £200
Poop scoop bin Children's play area £203
Poop scoop bin Windmill Hill £208
Poop scoop bin Water Lane £208
Poop scoop bin Entrance to car park £199
Poop scoop bin (purchased Sept 12) Behind bus shelter on Elmcroft £196
Poop scoop bin (purchased Feb 17) Forest Road £152
Poop scoop bin (purchased Oct 17) Hatfield Lane/Oxton bypass £152
Concrete planter (x 2) Main St.  verge opposite Post Office £670
Concrete planter (x 2) Main St. o/s Holly Tree Cottage £414
6 wooden planters (purchased May 12) Locations along Main street £906
Kissing gate Village Hall Car Park £351
Grit Bin (purchased Nov 11) Forest Road £150
Store box for emergency supplies (Jan14) Behind bus shelter on Elmcroft £255
Padlocks Store box and notice board on Main Street £26
Owl boxes (2 purchased Feb13) Woodland £60
Owl (little)boxes (2 purchased Mar 14) Woodland £40
Beacon Village Hall Garage £512
Local Council admin book (pur Dec 16) Clerks home £60
Filing cabinet (purchased Apr 2009) Clerks home £160
TOTAL £11,736