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Chair's blog December 2017

posted Nov 23, 2017, 12:42 PM by Karen Birks

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21st November 2017



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Season’s Greetings,


Another year has flown by and we are already looking ahead to 2018.  At our December Parish Council meeting, we’ll set our Parish Council Precept for the financial year April 2018 – March 2019.  But quickly taking a look back: a Housing Needs Survey was completed; two defibrillators were installed; the new Cricket Pavillion opened; extra daffodils were planted around the village; we’re now represented on the Oxton Composting Facility Community Liaison Group by Cllr Margaret Cooper; a couple of extra dog-waste bins were installed, and we’re continuing to scope further practical measures to help ensure we can all enjoy an attractive, clean and safe village environment.


I see this as just the tip of the iceberg of hard work that goes on.  A big thanks to everyone who helps with running and developing community amenities and activities in our small rural village. Oxton Estate have been hugely supportive as a major stakeholder.  When I became Chair 18 months ago, I really wanted to see a continued joined-up Parish Council – Community effort such as we see today, so it makes being a Councillor worthwhile.  Maybe you’d like to consider joining us when the opportunity arises or come along to a meeting to have your say in the Public Address session at the start or simply observe first how it works, to see if it is something you’d like to do for your community?  Please get in touch with our Clerk, Karen Birks, to have an informal chat.


I would particularly like to thank Cllr Nick Borrett for all his hard work on our behalf which you can read about each month under the ‘Risk and Resilience’ standing agenda item part of the Parish Council’s business (and see below for the latest update).  In brief, Nick, in liaison with Cllr Richard Cross (PC Vice-Chair) and our County and District Councillor, Roger Jackson providing hands-on practical support and guidance, has built on the work of previous Councillors (most recently, Ian Kilpatrick and Robin Aldridge) to lead on ensuring all our risk and resilience measures are put into action and made even better to give assurance both to residents and other interested parties that we are working hard on protecting our community and property from these sorts of now low-level risks.   Our newest Councillor, Paul Lloyd Davies, has also already contributed his experience within several areas of Law and committee-linked work in skilfully negotiating with the suppliers of the adventure trail equipment to get an undertaking for replacement of rotten timbers free of charge when there was initial resistance to doing so although we have an extended timber warranty so the timbers were not expected to deterioriate like they had.


We are indebted to teams of volunteers busily looking after the playspace and helping with our flood and snow risk resilience measures, looking after the planters, tidying up for the Best Kept Village Competition, etc. It is saddening that a small minority (of residents and visitors alike) still let their dogs poop without the scoop and have menacing dogs off the lead in public spaces, ride horses on Public Footpaths and ignore reasonable parking requests.  As I said in my notes this time last year, the majority of us genuinely look out for each other as we want Oxton to be a great place to live for all generations of a family.  On that basis and looking ahead: Cllr Mark Foxwell suggested at our last PC meeting having some traditional-style lamp posts and this is now with Cllr Jackson to scope. Cllr Paul Lloyd Davies is finding out more details for outdoor gym equipment. Please be in touch with the Clerk for any ideas for potential improvement you might have for your village and we can see what we can do to make that a reality. We have just heard that the Notts County Council Local Improvement Scheme is open for applications if you’d like to take a look at the details on the website and get in touch with the Clerk before our December meeting if you have a suggestion as the closing date is 8th January 2018.    All the best for another busy New Year...


Key Matters from the 14th November 2017 PC meeting:

The Clerk puts Meeting Agendas and Full Minutes on the Parish Council’s Noticeboard on Main Street as well as the Parish Council’s website  - do check the site out for news and other information.

(See Minute 9):  Risk and Resilience

Due to Cllr Nick Borrett’s work with N&SDC and NCC on plans and seeking their funding to cover the estimated £30k costs, with support of Cllr Roger Jackson it’s now looking possible for them to install an underground diversion pipe on Sandy Lane - which you might remember the flood report written by JBA Consulting (seven years ago) said was an essential preventative measure as part of flood mitigation for the village but the logistics to scope and pay for any works was proving prohibitive.  Nick and Roger told us that results of site meetings with N&SDC and County Council have been positive and, if the funding is approved, it is hoped that they can complete the work within this financial year.  We’ll get a further update at our next PC meeting on this exciting breakthrough...


Next PC meeting is: Tuesday 12th December 2017 7:30pm -  Sylvia Bell Room, Oxton Village Hall