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By signing up to the Meetups e-mail list, you can find others who share your hobby, who are interested in taking a walk, visiting a park, attending an art exhibit, going to a concert, taking in a show, or meeting for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Do you know of an event happening in the area that you think other Newcomers might find enjoyable? Simply post it on the Meetups e-mail list. It will reach all members who have signed up for the list and who would like to meet up for activities.

Most Meetups are informal. The activities circulated via the Meetups e-mail list are not organized by the Oxford University Newcomer's Club! 

How to join the list:

You can sign up to the Meetups e-mail list on the registration form for the University Newcomer's Club when you become a member of the Club. Once you have signed up, a Club volunteer will add you as a member of the Meetups group. As soon as you receive any Meetups message, you can begin posting your own Meetups suggestions.

How to post Meetups:

If you are a member, address your email to and your message will be automatically sent to everyone else on the Meetups list. 

Posts to the meetups e-mail list should include all information necessary for fellow Newcomers' Club members to decide whether they would like to join.

For example send a post for your event in this format (or any other that includes all information):

Who: Any Newcomer interested in Art
What: Turner Paints Oxfordshire Exhibit
Where: Ashmolean Museum located on Beaumont St. meet on the front porch by the tall columns
When: Monday April 12 at 2:00
Why: The exhibit closes next week so now is our chance to see it and a curator will give a talk at 2:15
How: Call the museum at OX 12345 to book a place for the talk
How Much: Free!

In the who field add that it is suitable for children if you want to actively encourage others to bring children, or invite all newcomers with spouses and partners if it is an event that is good for couples.

If you would like to plan an event that is more of an invitation, like a picnic or an event at your home, then include your e-mail and remind people to send an RSVP to your private e-mail address. In that way the group e-mail is not flooded with count me in type responses that go to everyone's account.