Particularly useful links to information about living in Oxford

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Please note: These links are provided as a service to Newcomers.  The Club is not responsible for the content in any of the links.

Oxford University Gazette: Information about lectures and events at the University, plus classified advertisements for housing targeted to University employees.

Oxford Daily Info: Lots of information about events (in the "What's On" section), accomodations, and other useful info about Oxford.

Oxford City Guide: Another site with information about events, restaurants, etc.

Oxford University What's On: University site listing activities and lectures

Oxford County Council : Useful information about the many services that the County Council provides.
Oxford City Council : Useful information about the many services that the City Council provides.

For the Oxford University Language Centre ;


The UK Council for International Student Affairs :


For Study, work or travel in the UK. British culture and life :


For student advice (including visa advice) :


For advice for children’s education :


For Careers :


For cycling in Oxford :


The Student Information and Advisory Service :