Summer 2013 - Oxford Ultimate Practices (Updated 27/07/2013)

Absolutely everyone is welcome to any of these sessions.  We will teach total beginners how to throw, help improve new or student players and challenge experienced players with players from Oxford who have represented their country.

Tuesday - 18:30 at Angel and Greyhound Meadow, OX4 1AB
(On the 2nd grass meadow from the car park behind the Angel and Greyhound pub, also access directly from bridge at the end of Bath Street, Oxford OX4 1AY.  Drinks afterwards at the Angel and Greyhound pub).

Thursday - 18:30 at Oxford City FC, Oxford Community Arena, Marston OX3 0NQ
(On the grass pitches next to the Astroturf pitch.  Drinks afterwards at the Oxford City FC clubhouse).

Sunday - 13:00 at Angel and Greyhound Meadow
(On the 2nd grass meadow from the car park behind the Angel and Greyhound pub, also access directly from bridge at the end of Bath Street, Oxford OX4 1AY.  Drinks afterwards at the Angel and Greyhound pub).

Tuesday and Thursday sessions are usually well attended however the Sunday practice can be affected by tournaments etc.  If you want to make sure there will be enough people to make a good session then email the Oxford Ultimate Google group or the Facebook group.

Still reading?  If so, here is some more information about TeamShark, Ultimate and Ultimate in Oxford.

What is TeamShark?

TeamShark is an Ultimate team based in Oxford.  We aim to bring together and develop both student and local Ultimate players to enter regional and national club tournaments in as many divisions as we are able (Open, Women's, Mixed or Junior in all formats of the game: outdoor, beach and indoor).

Why are we called TeamShark?

The name TeamShark was inspired by the Headington Shark, a sculpture created by John Buckley,
 as it was seen as a symbol that both Oxford's students and non-students could relate to.

What is Ultimate?

The World Flying Disc Federation describes ultimate as:

"... a non-contact, self-refereed team sport played with a flying disc (or Frisbee™)."

Two teams of seven players compete on a playing field with an end zone at each end of the pitch.  A point is scored if one of the attacking players catches the disc in the oppositions end zone.
The player holding the disc is the thrower, who may not run with the disc.  Progress is made by the thrower throwing the disc to a team-mate in any direction, within ten seconds counted by the defending team.

The defensive team gets possession of the disc if an offensive team’s throw is not caught by a player of the same team. Then the defensive team becomes the offensive team and can try to score in the opposite end zone.

Spirit of the game

One of the most unique aspects of Ultimate is that it is self refereed at all levels, including international level.  Every player ideally has good knowledge of the rules and applies them correctly in any given situation.  Every player trusting that no player will intentionally break the rules.

This is known as Spirit of the Game and it is highly prized because all rules are designed to be fairly applied and aim to restarted play swiftly and without this shared "Spirit of the Game" the sport would be close to unplayable.

TeamShark training sessions

TeamShark are currently a development team and sessions are open to male and female players of all ages and ability, so if you're interested in playing Ultimate then just turn up!

If you are new to Ultimate and you want to join in at a practise session then all you will need to bring is:
  • White shirt
  • Dark shirt
  • Water "Hydration is important!"
  • Studded boots (football or astroturf boots, depending on the playing surface)
  • A disc, if you have one (a white 175g Discraft Ultra-Star is the only official game disc)

Ultimate coaching for your school or club

The cost of setting up an ultimate club is very low as all that is required are a disc, some  cones and a playing field or a park.  The benefits of playing Ultimate are that it will improve fitness levels and co-ordination, ability to work as part of a team, help exercise self control and fair mindedness through "Spirit of the Game".

Within TeamShark and the Oxford Ultimate community we have UK Ultimate Level 1 qualified coaches and players who have represented Great Britain and other countries at international level.  So if you have a school or a club that would like to have some beginners coaching or any help setting up a school or a club team then please send an email to for details of how we can help.

UK Ultimate has a school affiliation program in a national level which aims to inform and help develop Ultimate in schools, including getting the equipment required to get started.  There are also schemes such as Matalan Sporting Promise which aims to exhibit new sports to secondary school pupils who are not interested in main stream sports.

New to Oxford?

If you already play Ultimate and you are new to the Oxford area then sign up to our emailing list and take a look at @OxfordUltimate Twitter feed to find out up to date information on what is going on in the Oxford area.

Students that are new to Oxford can get in touch with the appropriate student team by following the link in the "Local Teams" column on this page to either Brookes or Oxford University clubs.

The "elite" club team in the Oxfordshire region is Dog Eat Disc (DED), which has a player base from north and north west of London and has training sessions in Thame, Oxfordshire.  There is also a link for Dog Eat Disc in the "Local Teams" column on this page. 

Keeping in contact with TeamShark

Tweets by @OxfordUltimate

To stay up to date with upcoming tournaments, fitness sessions, socials etc, sign up to the OxfordUltimate emailing list:

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TeamShark Ultimate 2013 | TeamShark "shark fin" logo created by Adam Harras.