Township News Letter

NOTICE: These are not the offical minutes of the board of trustees, please go to Township Trustee Meeting Minutes for approved minutes.


At the Oxford Township trustees' meeting on January 14th, 2013, Larry Frimerman was elected Trustee Board President, Gary Salmon was elected Vice President. 2013 resurfacing estimates for Township portion of several roads were reviewed; trustees plan to resurface portions of Bonham and all of Doty. In addition several township roads will be retraced (strips painted). After 3 December snow events the township has approximately 335 tons of salt in inventory. The police report indicated there were 19 arrests the previous month.

Oxford Township trustees will meet at the township office on Monday January 28th to pursue strategic planning of the townships financial resources. The meeting will commence at 6 p.m.

Guest David Brown, Butler County Deputy Auditor, said that the Homestead Exemption, open until 6/30/13, can save those 65 and over money on their real estate taxes. More information can be found at He also indicated 2013 dog licenses are on sale for $14 through the end of January.


At the Oxford Township trustees' meeting on February 11th, 2013, comments were heard from guests. One commented about storm water crossing the road near his home; the other asked for advice about how to advocate for a bike lane from Springwood subdivision into the city. As a follow on to the January Strategic Planning Meeting for Finances, Trustees discussed township funds in light of reduced support from Columbus and the longevity of current reserves; they concluded that they need to consider a levy in the May 2014 timeframe. The police chief reported that there were 22 reports and 33 arrests the previous month. The Township will investigate selling an underused 1997 fire truck.


March Oxford Township Trustee Meeting At the March Oxford Township Trustee meeting the Maintenance Department reported that 480 tons of salt have been used this winter; 210 tons remain in inventory and the trucks will remain ready for winter weather a bit longer. A resolution was passed which asks the county to negotiate salt purchases for next winter. The township is considering the removal of two trees along roads in the township’s right of way. The police report indicated there were 13 “slide off crashes”, 10 arrests and 21 reports taken. The trustees are considering surveying residents in the unincorporated area to better understand their concerns and levels of satisfaction with services, the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions concerning township operations and costs and benchmarking. Oxford Township Trustees also attended the bi-monthly Butler County Township Association meeting in Reily and the annual Butler County District Advisory Council for the Board of Health where a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary were elected to the council and made appointments to the Board of Health; Butler County Health Commissioner Dr. Lerer spoke about county health concerns such as this year’s higher than normal influenza incidence, “super bugs’ and the importance of washing hands.


April Oxford Township Trustee Meeting

Deputy Butler County Auditor David Brown reminded Oxford Township trustees that home owners, 65 and older, can apply for a homestead exemption which will allow them to pay reduced property taxes saving up to $375. Several members of the Brown Road Corridor Association presented concerns about impacts of shooting at the Isaac Walton’s Brown Road Chapter’s pistol and rifle range. They referred to a petition they have circulated and collected over 100 signatures. After stressing that they supported 2nd amendment rights they voiced concerns about noise, pollution, safety and decreased property values. They plan to take their concerns to the county.

Oxford Township police reported that there were 192 dispatches in the last month, 23 reports were taken and 26 arrests made. These include two juveniles who were arrested for receiving stolen property; they were apprehended in a stolen vehicle; and 2 adults were arrested for a home burglary, after investigation 4 other municipalities also issued warrants for these suspects.