Holistic Counselling

My therapeutic approach is client centred however as my training was integrative I bring other styles into my practice included Psychodynamic, TA (Transactional Analysis), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Gestalt as well as Brief Solution Based.

The way in which I work really depends on the client and their issues.

I see the way in which I work with a client is that they are allowing me to accompany them on a journey; we both experience, both interpret and both explore. Although I can never say that I understand what the client felt or is currently feeling as I am not them.

It is important to me that we reach the clients goals as effectively and efficiently as possible, I do understand that it is their money and as in all walks of life they want value for money. So I try to encourage empowerment of the client in their ownership of the issue and possible solution.

I have short term clients, only seeing me for two or three sessions, as well as long term clients who have been seeing me for a number of years.

I have worked in a number of different settings with a variety of diverse groups of people.



Age, Gender, Race, Sexual Preference, Religion: none should be a weapon or a prison

  • Individual : Counselling can aid people in everyday life, we can all have times in our life, where we feel lost, alone, even incapable of carrying on. Counselling can help work through these times. You do not have to be alone
    Counselling can help by talking about an issue with a person who is not involved and therefore will not gain from any decision you may make.
    Counselling can give you time for you. Enabling you to explore in a safe arena without fear of being judged or laughed at, where it is OK to say you got it wrong, to explore the possibilities.
    Counselling is not age restrictive, whether you are at school, in the work place, at home or in elderly care.

  • Couples : I offer counselling to couples whose relationship is under strain or in difficulties. This can be enlightening as it provides a place where both parties can express how they feel and reflect with a third party where they feel things went wrong and possible ways forward. This may be female/male, female/female, male/male, or might be business partnership.
  • Long or Short Term : I offer both Long term and Short term counselling, although this will be discussed in the first meeting to determine the clients goals. Money might be tight or there might be a short time frame the client needs to work too, either way an agreement will be reached between the client and the counsellor. Some issues may be deep rooted, such as childhood issues, which may require Long Term work however this will be pointed out from the start and discussed openly.
The work undertaken is confidential unless I feel you are a harm to yourself, someone else is at harm or you admit to a crime which for you have not been previously convicted of.

Issues worked with include:-


     Abuse (sexual, physical or mental)


     Low Self-Esteem

     Mid-Life Crisis



     Self harming issues

     Feeling helpless

     being made redundant

     Need to explore career options

     Feel lost in your life, no one is listening,

     Worried about being gay

     Grieving over a loss or death

     Relationship problems

     Tired of feeling angry, used.