We prepare our students to achieve their full potential.

Oxford Bilingual Education Institute is commited to providing the highest standards of education to the children and families we work with. We are happy to serve the community of Coban in Alta Vera Paz, and La Antigua, Guatemala. OBEI can provide your children with an internationally competitive biligual education, rooted in the ideas and theories of the Montessori Method, and registered and approved by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala.

"Our aim is not only to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core."
~ Dr. Maria Montessori


The Oxford Vision
We hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards in order to become an agent of change in their lives.

Oxford is recognized as an educational leader consistently meeting or exceeding our students' needs and expectations. We are a dynamic international institue that provides the highest standards of education through our enthusiastic commitment to… 

  • Developing and maintaining a space that is unique, comfortable and conducive to learning.

  • Fostering a first-class program for educating academic and language learners.

  • Attracting motivated students by offering a truly unique and personalized education.

  • Creating a strong feeling of belonging.
  • Maintaining a faculty of qualified, experienced international teachers dedicated to the development of our students.
  • Aligning our efforts with educators, students, parents and the larger community in order to realize the Oxford Mission.
  • The continual assessment of our students' progress, teachers' effectiveness, parents' satisfaction, and our overall success.
  • Making the necessary changes, adjustments and new developments to meet our students’ needs.
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