My father sits in the dark

My father sits in the dark


Questions for discussion

         What does the narrator find frustrating and upsetting about his father’s behaviour?

         According to the narrator at  the end of the story, what could be occupying the father’s thoughts?

         What is the tone or feeling in the last line of the story

         What are the devices used in the story? What are the effects of the devices on the story?

         The themes and significance of the story

1.     The setting:

- The Jewish tradition has survived centuries of struggle

2. Characters: Jewish people

-         The son (the narrator)

-         The father (ordinary person)

3. Literary devices

-        Series of dialogues à informal atmosphere, communication of the son

-          Repeated structure or sentences à emphasize the son’s concern and worry

-          Simple language à Easy to understand

-          The contrast between the dark and the light à create the theme of the story

4. The feeling and the attitude of the father

-         Nostalgia feeling

-         Tranquil and assured attitude

5. Themes:

-         The role of memories and the past

-         The certain difference among generations (the young and the old)

à Significance: Give the experiences of life from the old to the young in order to create better understanding between the old and the young