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What our members are saying about the OxAA:
My wish would be that every town should have places that open the mind to new experiences, views, thoughts and hosts community events.    In Oxford we are very lucky to have the Oxford Art Alliance which has one large vision including art classes, art exhibitions, music classes, music events, movies for discussion, social events, education, and just plain good fellowship.   So much under one small roof, I hope everyone in the area can find something to enjoy in what they offer to the community and in turn join the Art Alliance and help support them in their efforts.  -  Wendy Williams, Artist and Member since 2008

This organization has been nothing but an asset to my family and myself.  Not only do I, as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, work closely and are a member (and my family), I also have had my kids participate in classes that the Art Alliance offers.  My son has taken Guitar lessons with Jakan, and My daughter has taken painting classes, and attended the art camp for kids in the summers.  The shows are fantastic, and pricing is within budget as compared to other art sponsored shows.  The Art Alliance offers a lot of EVERYTHING, for EVERYONE.  If you haven't visited the gallery, it is open to the public, and VERY friendly.  Go visit, and do yourself and the community a great service...join today!  Jen Zduniak, member since 2012

The OxAA has been a godsend to my family.  Through their lessons, my children have a higher knowledge of music via the exceptional teachers of the music academy but also a deeper appreciation for the arts as a whole.  The summer camps have helped nurture and develop the soul of artistry in both of my children, which I am eternally grateful.  The teachers of the music academy are without a doubt the definition of dedication and love of music.  My children would not be in better hands,  than in the Oxford Arts Alliance.   - Jeannine Lenge

Your membership fee helps to support our programming. 
Benefits include: 

        * Members-only parties and previews

        * Discounted admission to ticketed concerts

        * Participation in member's only exhibits in the gallery

        * Member discounts through participating area merchants

        * Early sign up for classes and events

        * Discounted fee on Classes/Workshops 

Discounted Membership during the Month of July - online!

Join our membership during the month of July and receive the discounted rate online.  Use the pull down menu for the appropriate membership level.  Welcome to our Membership!!!

Regular Membership Rates

Membership Rates:

Student (under 18) - $15
Adult Individual - $30
Family - $50
Sustaining - $100

 Discounted Memberships are available on Tuesday and First Fridays.

(Student $10, Adult $20, Family $40 and Sustaining $90)

 Student Membership                                                                       

Individual Membership

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