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Oxford CT1/2 Study Days

These study days are exclusively for CT1 and CT2 trainees. Trainees should make attendance at these study days a priority as they are considered an important training objective. Please see calendar and recent announcements for dates and application forms.

Intensive Care Medicine

Basic Intensive Care issues are approached through a combination of small group sessions and lectures from regional experts. The use of innovative teaching techniques attracts large numbers of CT1/2 trainees and formal feedback continues to be excellent.

Organiser – Dr Clare Stapleton, Wexham Park

Obstetric Anaesthesia

The first ever Oxford Region SHO study day was in Obstetric anaesthesia, and was held in Reading in 2004. On an annual basis since then, essential topics in obstetric anaesthesia are covered in a mixture of lectures and small group workshops.

Organisers – Dr Rosie Jones, Dr Jane Bird, Royal Berkshire

Paediatric Anaesthesia

This annual training day consists of lectures and workshops aiming to provide an introduction to paediatric anaesthesia.

Venue - Stoke Mandeville Postgraduate Centre

Organiser – Dr Marc Davison, Stoke Mandeville

For further information, email 


A one-day study day to discuss and learn the principles of pain management in the acute postoperative period and chronic and palliative care settings.

Organiser – Dr Ravindran Deepak, Royal Berkshire

Regional Anaesthesia

General principles and basic anatomy are covered in lectures, and practical skills including the use of ultrasound, are taught in workshops.  

Organiser – Dr Clare Skinner, Reading and Dr Svetlana Galitzine, Oxford