Oxford is a busy General Aviation and business airport. It is situated within the Oxford Area of Intense Aerial Activity (AIAA), between the Brize Norton CTR and Danger Area D129. It is a natural turning point for GA aircraft from the London aerodromes routing to the Cotswolds, and the traffic intensity in the vicinity of the aerodrome and the instrument approaches can be challenging.

Several safety-related incidents have occurred with traffic operating within the vicinity of the Oxford ATZ. Accordingly, Oxford is in the initial consultation stages for the application of a Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) to provide enhanced protection for our high-intensity circuit operations that now encompass jet, turboprop and piston aircraft.

This website forms the initial part of the public consultation for the RMZ, which we expect to last until January 2015. The website is intended to act as an information hub of sorts, and will receive pertinent updates as the application progresses.

Your views on the pros and the cons of such airspace being established around Oxford Airport are essential to the credibility of this initiative, and will become part of the foundation of the proposal that will be submitted to the CAA.