Providing services to research organizations, state and federal regulators, consulting firms, and water utilities to strengthen business and research practices. 

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Services include:

·         Knowledge management
·         Training design and delivery
·         Workshop and meeting facilitation
·         Research management
·         Innovation management
·         The Water Advice Network (WaterAN)


Knowledge management - The value of your company is what you know. Protecting and disseminating knowledge is essential. Oxenford Consulting can assist you to:

·    Develop strategies for knowledge capture, management, dissemination, and protection

·    Perform a knowledge inventory and critical knowledge assessment.

·    Develop effective communications for knowledge transfer

·    Develop standard operating procedures.

Training design and delivery – Training is more than a PowerPoint presentation. Effective training design is essential for knowledge retention and application: Services include:

·         Training needs analysis

·         Curriculum development

·         Training delivery for adult-learning

·         Instructor training

Workshop and meeting facilitation – Workshop planning and effective facilitation is essential to maximum the time in meetings and workshops. Services include:

·         Workshop design

·         Meeting facilitation

Research management - Quality research starts with effective project management. Services include:

·    Proposal writing

·    Project management

·    Research planning workshops

·    Communicating results

·    Quantifying the benefits of research

Innovation management- Many great products never make it to the marketplace. The challenge is addressing the multitude of barriers to implementation. Oxenford Consulting can assist you in bridging the gap between research and practice through identifying and addressing the cultural and institutional barriers to implementation. Our unique partnership arrangements allow the creation of customized expert teams designed to meet your specific needs and issue.

The Water Advice Network (WaterAN) - The Water Advice Network (WaterAN) was formed to ensure the continued availability of knowledge from recently retired and part-time water professionals. While no longer interested in full-time employment, these professionals are available in an advisory capacity. WaterAN offers you the ability to confer directly with and leverage this expertise. Oxenford Consulting administers and provides support for this network. Services include:

·    Advice

·    Mentoring

·    Document review

·    Peer review