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OXCIA always welcomes new sponsors. We are extremely grateful for our current sponsors. Their generous support has supported the Chinese student population in Oxford for many years, and has enabled OXCIA to run many events throughout the year to promote understanding of Chinese Culture. We would like to here from you, please contact us using the sponsor form here.
Why your company should sponsor OXCIA?
OXCIA is a student-run organization at the University of Oxford. By sponsoring our society, your company will enable us to support the Chinese student population in Oxford as well as facilitate many free and some discounted events in which we promote understanding of Chinese Culture.

How can my company sponsor OXCIA?
There are many ways in which your company can sponsor OXCIA, and support the student community.
  • Your company may provide a monetary donation to support OXCIA run events
  • Your company may provide products (e.g. food) for OXCIA events
  • Your company may offer discounts to OXCIA members to support their time at the University
Current Sponsors
We would like to thank our current sponsors:

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