Our Committee

Mengshu He
Pembroke College

I'm the president for OXCIA, Mengshu He from Pembroke College, doing engineering science as a second year undergraduate. I was the secretary last year in OXCIA, and really enjoyed promoting Chinese culture to those who are interested. Also, as China is becoming more and more eye-catching in the whole world these years, I think it is quite an important job to make people aware the international status through different means, which is what I'm trying to do. ;)
Internal Vice-President
Siyi Hao
St. John's College
Hello, I'm Siyi from China and I'm a second year engineer at St. John's College. I'm keen on breaking the barriers between eastern and western cultures, and increasing understanding and interaction between people from both areas. As the internal Vice President, my main job is to arrange and introduce people to classes on Chinese Culture and Mandarin Chinese. I will also get involved in organizing other related events. I hope we can enrich our Oxford life with attractive OXCIA events and make it a great place to meet exciting new friends.
External Vice-President
Zichen Zhang
Christ Church
Hi, I am Zichen, first year mathematician in Christ Church. As the vice-president (External), it is my responsibility to build and maintain a good relationship with other societies and local businesses. I believe that I have the passion for the communication and interaction that is necessary for this work. I am hard-working, dedicated, and resourceful in all that I do.
Xueying Liu
Pembroke College

Hi my name is Xueying, a first year undergraduate studying Economics and Management at Pembroke College. As the treasurer, I keep a record of all the monetary transactions and inform other members of the committee about OXCIA's budget.

OXCIA is an amazing society for people to learn and discuss about the rich cultural heritage as well as the modern developmemt in China, and I believe everyone will enjoy the many events organized by OXCIA this year!

General Secretary
Susan Yu
Linacre College

I'm Susan from Linacre College. Currently Im doing a phd in clinical medicine, based in the John Radcliffe hospital in Headington. My position as secretary means that I help to do the important minutes and also ensure the smooth running of OXCIA. China is steeped in fascinating history and culture, and it would be fun and intriguing to share many different aspects of China to everyone interested! Looking forward to meeting you all! :) 
Events Director
Jiayu Yang
Brasenose College
Hi everyone! I am Jiayu, a second year undergraduate reading Chemistry at Brasenose College. Here at OXCIA, we aim to bridge the gap between the east and the west. As such, it falls on my shoulder as an event director to create and organise events that allow us to take one step closer to reaching our goal. Some of the proposed events include but are not limited to chinese movie night, spicy food challenge, and game's night.What initially attracts me to OXCIA is the simple desire to share my culture with more people, but upon joining, I discover that not only are the members genuinely earnest about what we aim to accomplish, but they are also a pleasure to work with.
Publicity anf IT Officer
Jiexin (Jessie) Cao
Worcester College
Hi I'm Jessie! I'm a third year medic from Worcester College. As the publicity and IT officer, I'm going to keep you informed about every event that OXCIA is going to hold and promote OXCIA to more people. I am to make OXCIA well known in Oxford to every person who has interest in Chinese culture.