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Navigating this Site

OWWC on the Worldwide Web

Navigating this public domain site

 I.                 How to Find Us

a.       Search Engines – Google.com, Ask.com  etc.  Type in:

           i.     OWWC

          ii.     Canoe Club Kansas City

b.      URL - unique resource locator – In the keyword box type in:

           i.     owwckc.org    or    owwckc.com

          ii.     OzarkWildernessWaterwaysClub.org   or   OzarkWildernessWaterwaysClub.com

         iii.     http://sites.google.com/site/owwckc/Home

II.                The public domain website – http://owwckc.org

a.       Home page - You will find:

           i.     Header (title)

          ii.     Page content  (the story)

1.      Green means go (Click your mouse to go to the linked page)

2.      Blue means you have already visited the linked page or its just text

         iii.     Tab bar (Navigation, table of contents organized by the webmaster)

1.      Green means go (Click your mouse to go to the linked page)

2.   Links are underlined.     

3.      Adds by Google take you to sites that Google thinks might interest you (We get paid if people click)

          iv.     Footer (Sub-pages)  (alphabetical listing of pages below the current page)

b.      What We Offer

          i.     Tab bars don’t change

        ii.     See Map

1.      Directions to meeting

2.      Scaleable map to meeting

c.      Latest Newsletter

         i.     Click View or download to see the latest newsletter in pdf format.

         ii.     Messages (Posts) (often time sensitive) are written to the owwc Yahoo Group Site (See below)

       iii.     Issues & Announcements have deadlines

d.      Ozark & Close to Home Schedules

         i.     Click view or download to see the list of the entire year's activities

        ii.     Triangle shows Trip Coordinator documents

      iii.     Calendar

e.      Membership Application

f.       Trips Past, Photographs

         i.     Video

        ii.     Attachments (View or download) are trip reports

g.      Canoeing & Conservation Links

           i.     Affiliations

          ii.     C&C Links p2

        iii.     Issues & Announcements

        iv.     Retail Links

         v.     Weather, Maps

1.      Ozark Region map

2.      Water Watch map (connects to USGS stream gauge data)

h.      Sitemap - Lists the pages of this website.

III.              owwc Yahoo Group, the members only site - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/owwc/

a.       When you Join This Group you must remember your Yahoo ID and password

b.      You post messages by emailing them to owwc@yahoogroups.com